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"It was useful to see and compare boats with the services they offered and the prices all from one site without having to phone around numerous different operators"

Allan Gray

What our customers are saying:

  • Stephan von Walzel's testimonial

    Stephan von Walzel says:

    "Convenient booking, good service, got the feeling that the support team really tried their best to book a last minute boat for us. My regards to them"

  • Charles Martin's testimonial

    Charles Martin says:

    "Very helpful and reliable. Best website for fishing and sea fun activities"

  • Daniel Gillick's testimonial

    Daniel Gillick says:

    "Simple, professional with a great service"

  • Mark Butler's testimonial

    Mark Butler says:

    "Website navigation was easy and well thought out. Chat feature was very helpful in making my decision and the booking was so easy"

  • Leith Matthews's testimonial

    Leith Matthews says:

    "It's definitely the simplest way to find the best fishing charters in town and the easiest way to book a fishing trip!"

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