Stop Overfishing

When I hear fishing all I can think of is the thrill and the fun at sea trying to catch a good fish. And I am sure that most of you can relate to that picture. The thing that we do not realize is that the oceans on earth are getting depleted of these wonderful creatures. Overfishing has risen to such an extent that many of the fish species have either become extinct or are at the verge of extinction…. Read more

Joan Alum, a Captain from Costa Brava That Mixes Fishing with Design

Wild, that’s probably one way to describe him. Quite appropriate as well since he lived most of his life in the Spanish “wild coast”, literally translated as Costa Brava – a 160 km coastline from the town of Blanes (sixty minutes north of Barcelona) to the French border. This is rugged land, rocky hills and green mountains rising from golden beaches – yet another reason why we oh so love the Mediterranean. Capt. Joan (yes he’s a guy, and yes… Read more

A 13yrs Old Fisherman Caught a Tuna in Mallorca

Thomas is a 13 years old fisherman that managed to reel in a 75kg Bluefin Tuna in Mallorca, Spain. We reached out to him when we heard his story from the captain and we decided to write a story about his fight. Below is the interview: 1- Give us a bit background about yourself and your passion to fishing?   My name is Thomas Shelley and I am 13 years old, from North Yorkshire in the UK. I have always… Read more

Top Fishing Photos of the Week (1st week of Aug)

Last week we started a competition with the best fishing photo of the week. There is no prize yet for the best photos, but we are planning to do so soon in the near future. People and captains sent their photos from all over the world. We choose the best photos for you. 1- By Khalid AlOmar from Kuwait Fish type: Wahoo Location: Seychelles   2- By Captain Hisham Fish type: Queenfish Location: Sharjah, UAE 3- By Captain Marco Fish type:… Read more

Fishing in Salalah, Oman is Fantastic

I’ve been fishing in Oman three times already and next November it will be my forth. Oman is just an amazing place to go fishing. Last year in November 2013 we (my friends and I) went fishing in Salalah, Oman. In one day fishing we caught Mahi Mahi, Trevally and Yellowfin Tuna!! In this post I’ll take you through our trip. In November of every year my friends and I go fishing in Oman. After fishing in Muscat, Hasik and… Read more

Windfinder – The Famous Weather App

  Every fisherman checks Windfinder before going in a fishing trip. We use it here at all the time. We wanted to know more about the company and the app and how everything started. So we got in touch with Windfinder team and we were lucky enough to reach one of the co-founders Oliver Konig. Oliver was kind enough to do an interview with us and answers some of our questions and we are excited to share it with you.  … Read more

Sebastian and the 200kg Tuna in Murcia, Spain

  In 10th of June Sebastian Rusti booked a fishing trip in Murcia, Spain with Santa Cruz II charters using A fly fisherman from Norway, first time in a deep sea fishing trip This will be his first time to go deep sea fishing and it was scheduled on the 24th of July. During this trip he had the biggest fight in his entire life and caught a 200kg Yellowfin Tuna!! We interviewed him to know more about his… Read more

Fishing in Fujairah – The Best Fishing Spot in UAE

Fujairah is one of the best fishing spots in UAE. Fujairah faces the gulf of Oman, which is open to the Indian Ocean.  The species you’ll find in Fujairah are completely different from the ones you find in Dubai. In Fujairah you’ll find the big fish that anglers love such as Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Amberjack and Marlin. Imagine, you can get your hands on all of these strong fish an hour and half from Dubai!  That’s why from the time I… Read more