Yellowtail are the most popular fish to target in San Diego. Especially in Late spring to fall when the waters are warmer. The average around 10-20 pounds but can get up to the 70 pound range for the biggest trophy size fish. Yellowtail are prized for their emmense fighting power and their meat. They are delicious in dishing ranging from sushi to grilled filets. In this article I will describe the most popular techniques to catch and land the famous yellowtail.

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ROD: For yellowtail I would recommend a medium to medium heavy rod anywhere between 7 ft and 8 ft with a heavier rod used for heavy jigging and other lures. You can use a lighter rod for when the bite isn’t very aggressive. Continue Reading How to fish for yellowtail in San Diego.

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Fishfishme community leaders are organizing 4 extreme fishing trips in August that you shouldn’t miss. Mohammed Alsahaf, Abdallah ElKharboutly, Bashir Bakhos and Ahmed Kobtan chose their favorite captains and fishing techniques and organized a fishing trip for you to join. These are extreme fishing trips built for passionate fishermen. Below is the schedule of the trips:

1- Jigging Trip with Bashir – 1st of Aug/5hrs trip (Price 550AED/person) 
2- Trolling Trip with Alsahaf – 7th of Aug/5hrs trip (Price 550AED/person)
3- Extreme Tuna Trip with Abdullah – 8th of Aug/10hrs trip (Price 600AED/person)
4- Casting with KBE with Kobtan- 15th of Aug/5hrs (Price 600AED/person) + Free t-shirt + free lure (to be listed soon)

To book follow these simple steps:
1- Click on the trip name above (this will take you to the boat profile).
2- Choose the package that matches the name of the package above. (you’ll find the packages in the right, you might need to scroll down to see all the packages)
3- Make the payment and proceed to check out.

All trips are organized in Fujairah since it’s fishing season over there. Spots are limited, book your spot now before they get fully booked soon.

If you want to organize your own trip and open it for other anglers to join, then please send me an email.


Many people think there is one way to do fishing  “Put the bait in the hook, sink it and fish will bite and get hooked”. That’s only one way of fishing there are many other techniques used for different type of fish. Each fish and spot need a different type of fishing. Each angler have his own favorite type of fishing. Continue Reading 5 Fishing Techniques You Should Try


Where are the best islands to visit?

So you think you’ve seen Dubai? Well, each of these jaw-dropping islands offers something that you absolutely will not find anywhere else. Islands in general are one of the most exciting and invigorating travel destinations you can choose to experience. Take a look at the top 3 islands in Dubai you absolutely must visit before it’s too late!



Rods form circles in front of the room, right behind the glass windows. Butts on the floor while tips are in the air. The rods are huddled together by “height.” Some up to ten feet long. Each huddle categorizes the rod’s purpose: light tackle, jigging rods, popping, casting, spinning, trolling rods. In the middle of the room, a customer lingers on an item and calls out to the man behind the counter. Counter guy answered him. Customer then took the item and went to pay, chatting while he does, “You think the weather is good?” asked Mr. Customer. In fishing, the weather is a legitimate subject, not an awkward conversation. “Still good. Try going to The Palm, within branches. We caught some huge ones there the last time,” said counter guy. Mr. Customer smiled, said his goodbyes and left. For the next few minutes, the shop was empty except for me, Marvin – counter guy, Arlyn – his colleague, and shelf after shelf of fishing gears – a wide selection of rods, reels, baits, lures, jigs, rigs, and other paraphernalia. I call it a shop. Marvin and Arlyn call it the showroom, and for good reason.

Continue Reading Dubai Tackle Shop: Blue Waters Marine in Sheikh Zayed Road