Sebastian and the 200kg Tuna in Murcia, Spain

  In 10th of June Sebastian Rusti booked a fishing trip in Murcia, Spain with Santa Cruz II charters using A fly fisherman from Norway, first time in a deep sea fishing trip This will be his first time to go deep sea fishing and it was scheduled on the 24th of July. During this trip he had the biggest fight in his entire life and caught a 200kg Yellowfin Tuna!! We interviewed him to know more about his… Read more

Fishing in Fujairah – The Best Fishing Spot in UAE

Fujairah is one of the best fishing spots in UAE. Fujairah faces the gulf of Oman, which is open to the Indian Ocean.  The species you’ll find in Fujairah are completely different from the ones you find in Dubai. In Fujairah you’ll find the big fish that anglers love such as Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Amberjack and Marlin. Imagine, you can get your hands on all of these strong fish an hour and half from Dubai!  That’s why from the time I… Read more

Fishing Blogs We Love

  Blogs are one of the most popular means to voice one’s opinion and thoughts on various subjects. They are also a great source of first hand knowledge on a lot of topics. Blogs on fishing have become quite popular these days. There are a number of blogs written by experienced anglers and ardent fishing enthusiasts. There are a few blogs that we love  and thought we would share with you.   Fishing Fury, A Fishing Blog with Attitude: The… Read more

Fishfishme Chooses New Orleans to Launch U.S. Operations

  Fishfishme Expands to the US   New Orleans, LA, June 2, 2014:  Fishfishme, Inc., today announces that it will now call New Orleans, Louisiana home as it enters the US market.  Founded in 2012, Fishfishme aims to make the charter fishing industry more accessible than ever before and allows consumers to find and book charter fishing trips around the world using its online platform at Fishfishme currently offers its services in over twenty countries around the world and… Read more

Top Fishing Spots in the World for Marlin

Let’s talk about Marlin. This is one fish that has left me stunned like thousands of other sport fishermen around the world. It is one of the most magnificent Big Game fish and one with the most grandeur. The firm and strong body, the powerful bill and that dictatorial attitude all make these fish the definitive celebrity of the sportfishing realm. The Marlin is that fish that is often seen in magazines and picture walls of the wealthy. With numbers… Read more

Top Ten Sailfish Destinations in the World

What do you think of landing the fastest fish in the world? I am sure you are searching for a word to explain that. It sure is going to be a once in a lifetime moment. The Sailfish are one of the most enticing species of billfish. The elusiveness, the lightning speed and the adamant attitude of the Sailfish has amazed fishermen since the first days of fishing. There are quite a few destinations all around the world that provide… Read more

The Best Fishing Spots in the World for Tuna

One argument that often crops up between sport fishing anglers is about the grandeur of their favorite game fish. The Tuna is one of the most popular contenders for that top spot. And it is a rightful competitor as well. Many times they are compared with the Marlin in terms of game fish qualities. Well, the Marlin is undoubtedly a great game fish. It is fast, strong, powerful and has great stamina that boosts the fish’s fighting abilities. One thing… Read more

Best Deep Sea Fishing Destinations in Europe

As fishing enthusiasts or just a person interested in fishing you should by now know that fishing has become one of the most enjoyed sport around the world these days. Be it an ardent sport fisherman who goes fishing to land his dream fish, or a close knit family that goes fishing to spend some quality time together everyone enjoys fishing. Why wouldn’t they? Who wouldn’t want a day off from all the mails, phone calls, traffic, unfinished work and… Read more