What is Bottom Fishing?

Bottom fishing refers to the most common way of fishing techniques, used to catch fish that are found near the sea floor. This technique may seem like a lazy way of catching fish but it requires the utmost drifting and anchoring tactics. Large predatory fish like the Grouper, Halibut and the Red snapper are found by the reefs, buoys and the wrecks. And the best way to reel in one of them is using the bottom fishing method.

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Great fishing experience in Sharjah

I woke up at 5AM in my apartment in Dubai waiting for the phone call from Captain Hisham to give me the thumbs up to go fishing with him in Sharjah. I took a quick shower and Captain Hisham called at 6AM and told me to get ready for one the best fishing experiences I’ll ever have in the UAE (Captain Hisham runs his own fishing charter company called Ocean Adventures). So I left my apartment at 6:45AM heading to Sharjah, it took me around 45 min to arrive at the departure point (at Marbella Resort, Sharjah), but that’s only because I live a bit far from Down town Dubai (it should take you around 20-30min from Dubai to the resort).
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The story behind fishfishme

Since I was a kid, I loved fishing. I used to go fishing with my uncle in his boat. When I grew up and went to college life becoming very busy, it was very hard to find a time to go fishing with my uncle. At that time I didn’t have any friends that owns a boat to take us for a fishing trip, so I stopped going fishing for a while.
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