Top Eleven Mobile Apps for Fishing

As the fishing season commences many of you will be preparing yourself for your day of fishing. It doesn’t really matter if you are a newbie to fishing or an experienced angler. You will need your share of practice. But in this hectic world you might hardly get any time for that kind of practice. But there are a good number of mobile apps that will help you in training and preparing yourself for your fishing expedition. We at tried to list the top eleven mobile apps for fishing. Listed below in random order.
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Anglers’ Ten Most Wanted Fish in South Africa

Big game fishing in South Africa has gained popularity over the years. The warm currents from the Indian Ocean and the cold currents from the Atlantic Ocean merges here to create an optimal environment for fish of many species to breed and thrive. These waters are rich in planktons that in turn feed schools of Anchovies, Pilchard and Mackerel. These bait fish attract the big boys into these waters and thus makes South African coasts a fisherman’s paradise. The top game fish that you will find here are:

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Top Three Funny Fishing Videos

Fishing is definitely an outdoor activity that lets you calm down and relax. Like in everything else you should expect the unexpected in fishing too. We bring to you some of the most hilarious videos caught on camera by some really brave people. Come take a look at the top five funny fishing videos .

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Top Deep Sea Fishing Destinations in the World

Fishing is by far one of the most enjoyed sports or recreational activities (whichever way you look at it). For all of you fishing enthusiasts out there, we have bundled up a list of some of the best fishing locations in the world. These are some of the top deep sea fishing destinations where every fisherman and fisher-woman ought to get their line in the water.

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Is Fishing a Sport or Not?

Is fishing a sport or not? A question we tried to answer here at This question can raise some eyebrows and stir up a lot of debate. To make a more logical explanation, let’s examine some points that make an activity a sport. What would you call a sport? The dictionary says, a sport is something that needs physical exertion, something that requires a skill set and something that is competed by an individual or a team against another for entertainment.
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What should you take with you when going deep sea fishing?

The fishing season is here and fishing is an awesome sport to unwind from the week’s tedious work. Catching up with friends, out in the quiet ocean and catching a few fish, nothing can be more relaxing than that. But before going on a trip, you should make sure that you carry everything necessary. The things you need to carry with you will change depending on the type of fish you plan to catch. However, after some research we have compiled a basic fishing checklist that every fisherman ought to carry with him when going deep sea fishing.

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The Best Fishing Season in UAE

UAE borders the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf. Since a part of the country is bordered by the water fishing is very viable and a very sought after sport here. The Gulf of Oman merges with the Indian Ocean making the water here more fierce and home to a varied variety of fish. The official fishing season in UAE begins from October and extends up to May.
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Top Celebrities that Love Fishing

There is nothing like sneaking out of bed at early dawn and getting away in a boat out into the sea and spending those early hours fishing. And on top of it the joy of catching a fish will exhilarate your mood. Did you know that some of your favourite celebrities took to this sport to unwind and reinvigorate them from the constant pressure of their works? You will be surprised at the names of celebrity fishermen and fisherwomen that pop up here.

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