Top Ten Fish Catches in the World

Big Game Fishing sure is an adrenaline pumping sport. The thrill of getting hooked to a giant fish is beyond description. The fight for dominance and the exhibition of raw power is something that Big Game Anglers live for. Talking of Big Game fishing, have you ever wondered what are the biggest fish species that have been caught? Let me give you a glimpse of the the world’s largest saltwater fish catches.

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The Top Ten Game Fish in the World

This began as the top fish the one and only fish that is considered the best by all anglers in the world. But I ended up arguing with myself when considering each one of them and ended up creating this list of the most sought after game fish by game fishing anglers. Each fish on this list for sure will rubberise your muscles and numb your legs once you get hooked with them.

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Your Dream Fishing Trip – Salalah

The sound of the waves and nothing else to see for miles and miles other than the glistening water. The sun shining on your skin, the water splashing as you drift through the sea, what an awesome way to spend a vacation away from all the bustling crowd and the drudging chores. How about going fishing in a place like Salalah that has panoramic landscape and locations? All this and more completely planned out for you.

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Top Fishing TV Shows

We at love fishing TV shows, but there are thousands of shows about fishing, which ones are the best. Many teach you how to go fishing with tips and tricks of the game. Then there are those shows that showcase the meanest and strongest of the fish. You will get a glimpse of the adventurous side of sportfishing and the fun involved in it. Here is a list of the top five fishing shows that we think bring out the best and most daring of pursuits made in fishing.

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Four Fisher-Women Tougher than Men

“Fishing” the sound of it is in itself resonating with a male dominated sport or profession. It is quite evident that fishing has been dictated by men over the centuries. But the world is changing. Like in every other field women are inching in to find their place in the fishing industry. Some of them have even succeeded in their pursuit and have gained popularity through the media through their uncommon ways. We were on a quest to find and bring to you some of the successful fisher-women. A series of research attempts led to the finding of a very few of them. Here we are bringing to you some of the them who we think are among the top four fisher-women of the world showed that they are in deed tougher than men.

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