What is the difference between a Striped Marlin and a Blue Marlin

The Marlins are probably every sport fishing angler’s dream fish. Nothing can get better than standing on board your boat holding a beautiful creature such as the Marlin that gave you such a fight that your entire body feels battered. Sport fishermen all around the world go in search of these magnificently beautiful fish that are both strong and huge.

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Why is Fishing the Best Time to Spend with Family

Do you find it difficult to bond with your family, your children who are growing up fast? Do you know them as persons? If you feel like you aren’t getting enough family time and that family bonding has to be forced then it is the time that you give it a thought. In this plugged-in world it is almost impossible to find some undisturbed time with your family where your phone or mail box doesn’t give you notifications.

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Myth or Reality? Fishing is a Guy Thing

Do you have to be a guy to enjoy fishing? Not really, women enjoy fishing as much as men do. Gone are the days when your hobbies were decided by your gender. There are numerous men in the world who love to cook and watch ballet. If it is completely acceptable for a dad to cook a meal for his kids and go watch a ballet with his wife, then why can’t a wife go out fishing with her husband or play baseball with her son? It all depends on a person’s interest and not on a person being of a certain gender.

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Where and When to Catch a Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin is by far the most sought after game fish by sport fishermen all over the world. These magnificent creatures known for their relentless fighting power, speed and aerial acrobatics are easily distinguishable from other species of fish. They have an elongated upper jaw that resembles a spear which is used by the fish to protect itself from predators and to stun its prey. Once a Marlin is hooked it will put up a fight that can last for hours. Experienced anglers who have studied all the moves of the fish will try and compel the fish to react and behave in certain ways that makes it easier to overpower and land the fish.

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Why is the Captain very Important when Choosing a Fishing Trip?

A good fishing trip is all about catching fish and having a great time in the ocean. Now, to make your fishing trip enjoyable and fruitful, it is very important to have a good charter boat and an even better charter captain. If you are an ardent and regular fishing enthusiast you will know very well why it is important to choose the right captain. He will be the discerning factor of how your fishing trip will turn out. Remember, you are going to be on a boat in the middle of the ocean with this one man (the captain) and you will be fishing at the spots he chooses to take you. So, the captain of your boat should be a person whom you can spend four to eight hours of your day with.

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