Top Ten Sailfish Destinations in the World

What do you think of landing the fastest fish in the world? I am sure you are searching for a word to explain that. It sure is going to be a once in a lifetime moment. The Sailfish are one of the most enticing species of billfish. The elusiveness, the lightning speed and the adamant attitude of the Sailfish has amazed fishermen since the first days of fishing.

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The Best Fishing Spots in the World for Tuna

One argument that often crops up between sport fishing anglers is about the grandeur of their favorite game fish. The Tuna is one of the most popular contenders for that top spot. And it is a rightful competitor as well. Many times they are compared with the Marlin in terms of game fish qualities. Well, the Marlin is undoubtedly a great game fish. It is fast, strong, powerful and has great stamina that boosts the fish’s fighting abilities.

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