Fish Tales with Capt. Nauaman of Abu Dhabi

Like most men his age, he has a day job. But unlike most men his age who love fishing, he doesn’t have to wait for the holidays to use his tackle. Neither did he wait for retirement to get his own boat. That’s the beauty of having your own charter. And he takes full advantage by sharing the fun to others, even a few fish tales which he shares below.
Where were you born? Baghdad, Iraq
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Capt. Salim: One of the best in Muscat, Oman

He is one of the most prolific charter captains in Muscat, an excellent fisherman with excellent people skills. He’s such warm person, you can feel his enthusiasm oozing from the phone. There are captains who thrive in fishing but fails to connect with the anglers. This one can be terribly sweet to the people on board. He keeps you entertained, attends your needs, and teaches you how to work the rod and reel. He has the balance of guiding you and letting you do your own thing.
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