Top 5 Yellowtail Photo Contest

For us fisherman here in Souther California, Yellowtail is one of the premier game fish to catch. They always put up a good fight and are a lot of fun to reel in, we never get tired of catching them. With that being said, we want to see a photo of your most epic yellowtail catch. Upload your photo to our Facebook or tag us on Instagram to be featured on our site and win a free t-shirt. (@FishFishMe) Good luck!
Submit Your Best Photo of a Yellowtail!

What to Bring on a Deep Sea Fishing Charter

A Checklist for Your Next Deep Sea Fishing Adventure

It’s important to be prepared the first time you head out on a deep sea fishing charter. Spending hours, if not days, at sea requires a bit of forethought. In order to make the most out of your trip, you need to dress properly, buy or rent the right gear, and make sure that you have everything you need to make yourself comfortable onboard. If you’re ready to brave the high seas, learn more about what you should bring along for the ride from the experts at FishFishMe.

Dressed to Impress

Your experience on board all depends on what you wear. Rule number one: stay dry. You’re not going to catch a lot of fish if your feet are drenched in saltwater. Bring your best pair of deck boots or rain boots. If you don’t have either, make sure that your shoes have traction. Waterproof gear including pants and a jacket are always a good idea.

The ocean tends to have more extreme weather than what’s happening on land. The winds will be stronger, the temperatures will be cooler, and the sun will be brighter. Bring several different layers in case the temperature changes, a pair of sunglasses, and an extra pair of clothes just in case.

Using the Right Equipment

No one wants to hop aboard a professional deep sea fishing charter only to find out that they brought the wrong type of equipment. Unless you’re a fishing pro, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and use the equipment available at the charter landing. Most deep sea fishing tours will give you the option of renting equipment in-house. Call ahead and ask the charter what kind of equipment you’ll need for the journey ahead.

Packing an Overnight Bag

If you plan on taking an overnight deep sea fishing charter, just remember that sleeping at sea takes some getting used to. If you have a history of getting sea sick, bring a bottle of anti-nausea medication. You might also want a pair of no-slip sandals for when you’re below deck. Packing for your trip will be much easier if you have a large waterproof bag that will keep your possessions cool and dry. Some other essentials include a charger for your phone, comfortable sleepwear, headphones for those noisy nights at sea, a small flashlight and some extra cash for those last-minute expenses.

You can book your high seas adventure at FishFishMe. From California to the coast of Maine, your next fishing trip is just a click away!

Epic Photo Contest Winners!

We asked and you answered. Out of all the entries submitted, it was quite the challenge picking only 5. So we picked 7! Here are the top 7 winners to our epic fishing photo contest! Congrats to Jimi James to winning 1st place for best fishing photo and Tod Skowronski for winning most epic fishing photo! Thank you for all of your entries!
We will holding another photo contest on our Facebook page near the end of August, so stay tuned!