5 Fishing Techniques You Should Try

Many people think there is one way to do fishing “Put the bait in the hook, sink it and fish will bite and get hooked”. That’s only one way of fishing there are many other techniques used for different type of fish. Each fish and spot need a different type of fishing. Each angler have his own favorite type of fishing. Fishing trips are enriched by online casinos, offering anglers entertainment during lulls. With a 안전한 카지노 사이트, they can enjoy diverse games, such as slots and blackjack, between casts. It provides a relaxing and thrilling diversion, enhancing the overall fishing experience with excitement and fun.

Here we list the top 5 fishing techniques used all over the world for recreational fishing:

1- Bottom Fishing:

This is the most common and simple way to fish. In this technique you’ll be targeting fish lives in the bottom of the sea such as snappers, sea bream and groupers. There are two ways to do bottom fishing either with a rod or handline. Handline fishing is still very common in developing countries (Asia, Africa and the Middle East). Some use it because you can better feel the bite and others because it’s cheaper. Here you can find more info about bottom fishing.

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2- Trolling:

Trolling 2

Trolling is used to target big fish that mostly swim in the top surface of the water. Trolling means that you are moving with the boat while having your rods in the water on the back with lures/bait hooked (artificial lures, dead bait or live bait) to them. Trolling is used to target big game fish such as Bill Fish (Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish), Kingfish, Tuna and many other type of fish that feed on other smaller size of fish and swim in the surface.

3- Fly fishing

Fly fishing is more technique used in fresh water fishing such as rivers and lakes. In this technique you’ll be using a fly as a bait and a special type of rod and reel. The technique is now getting used in saltwater fishing as well since it is more challenging and exciting for some anglers. The most common fish to be caught on Fly Fishing is Salmon and Trout.

4- Jigging:

Jigging is a bit new fishing technique invented by Japanese anglers. A jig is a metal lure that you drop to the water until it reaches the bottom, then you reel it up in a special rhythm targeting fish in the bottom or mid surface. Here is a video on how jigging works. The most targeted fish with jigging is Amberjack, Yellowtail, Rainbow runner, GT, Groupers, Yellowfin Tuna and others/

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5- Casting or spinning (with lures, poppers or stickbaits)

Spinning or casting have the same meaning and can be either done from shore or a boat. The idea is to cast your rod while using a lure. The lure can differ based on the fish you are targeting. For casting you always through away the lure and then reel it back to your direction trying to imitate a fish movement. There are many types can be used there are two famous types of lures for big game fishing:

  • Poppers: Poppers have a floating material with a cylindrical shape with a flat head. The idea is to create a splash in the water surface when reeling it in, this should attract the big fish when it see this. GT (Giant Trevally) is one of the most famous species targeted using Poppers.

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  • Stickbaits: Stickbaits are similar to poppers, but with a more fish like shape. They are designed to a shape that can imitate the movement of a real fish when you reel them in. The size, shape, movement of the rod and how fast to reel them will depend on the fish you are targeting and the spot you are fishing in. Stickbaits can be used for GT’s and some other big game fish.