Best fishing destinations in europe

Best Deep Sea Fishing Destinations in Europe

As fishing enthusiasts or just a person interested in fishing you should by now know that fishing has become one of the most enjoyed sport around the world these days. Be it an ardent sport fisherman who goes fishing to land his dream fish, or a close knit family that goes fishing to spend some quality time together everyone enjoys fishing. Why wouldn’t they? Who wouldn’t want a day off from all the mails, phone calls, traffic, unfinished work and all those daily routines and have an entire day to themselves on a boat, in the sea with some good people and accomplishing small successes when reeling in a fish?

We have been talking about various destinations all over the world over the past few months and we would like to shed some light on some of the best destinations you can go fishing in Europe.

Europe as you know is bordered by Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. These water bodies surrounding the continent of Europe has created numerous fishing destinations all across the continent. Though we are not going to talk about all those destinations, we will discussing about some of the best deep sea fishing locations in Europe.

1. Spain:

Spain has been known world over for its cultural monuments, festivals, wine and of course their Soccer Team. This country that is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean that has given birth to some of the most spectacular deep sea fishing destinations in the world.

Huge Blue Marlin from Gran Canaria
Blue Marlin
Swordfish fishing in Gran Canaria

A)The Canary Islands:

The Canary Islands that includes the Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote are world renowned sport fishing destination. The beautiful landscapes, cultural monuments and a wonderful climate all year through makes the Canary Islands a great holiday spot. Moreover, the sea bed with a volcanic origin is home to a wide variety of big game fish species that include Blue Marlin, Bluefin Tuna, Swordfish, Bigeye Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Skipjack Tuna and many more.

Fishing is on in the Canaries all through the year however, big game fishing season is considered to begin by April and end in November. By hiring an expert fishing angler in the Canary Islands you can make sure that you reach the right spots where you will find the best fish.

B) Marbella:

Marbella is situated towards the south coast of Malaga. It is also one of the highly visited spots on the Costa del Sol due to its beautiful locations, pleasant climate and various other attractions. Big game fishing is popular here and fishing charter boats can be found in plenty on these coasts. The Mediterranean sea and the Strait of Gibraltar are great places to fish at as the latter forms a part of the migratory route of various sport fish species and the Mediterranean of course has the perfect ecosystem that can accommodate these migrating species.

When going fishing in these waters make sure that you hire a fishing charter with an experienced captain and to know more about the various fish species and their fishing seasons you can go through the Fishing Guide of Marbella.

C) Barcelona:

Another beautiful city of Spain that basks in the Mediterranean climate is Barcelona. In the waters off the coast of Barcelona you will be able to land sea monsters like the Bigeye Tuna, the acrobatic Mahi Mahi, the local favorite Bluefish and many more. The Barcelona Fishing Guide describes more about the place, the marinas, the fish species and the fishing methods that are adopted to land these fish.

You can check and compare the prices of various fishing charters and book the best charter according to your preferences and make sure that you have a great time fishing in Barcelona.

2. Portugal:

Huge Yellowfin Tuna caught off the coasts of Madeira
Huge Yellowfin Tuna
Blue Marlin fishing in Portugal
Blue Marlin

Moving further west of Spain lies Portugal. Now, this has been recognized as one of the 20 most visited destinations around the world. The influences of the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and certain gulfs attracts a huge variety of marine life to the waters surrounding Portugal. These marine life in turn brings in the big game fish to these waters as well.

A) Azores:

Azores is quite popular among sport fishing anglers for its Blue Marlin population, this island holds 22 world records in different species of which 6 out of the total 10 IGFA Blue Marlin records of the world are also owned by it. The most sought after Big Game species that are found here are the Blue Marlin, Bigeye Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Swordfish, Spearfish, Bluefin Tuna, Dorado, Amberjack, Wahoo, Skipjack Tuna and even the mighty Mako Shark.

There are several charter companies that operate in Azores, you check their details and compare their services and prices and hire a charter boat that is most suitable to your needs.

B) Madeira:

Madeira is another Portuguese island on the Atlantic Ocean that have gained popularity over the years and is now considered to be among the top deep sea fishing locations of the world. The big game species that are found in the Atlantic waters here include the mighty Blue Marlin, Swordfish, Bluefin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna and many more. The Madeira Fishing Guide elaborates on each species and their fishing seasons in Madeira.

If you are planning a trip to Madeira it would be a good idea to check out some of the charter boats that operate in Madeira before you set forth on your journey. This will not only give you an idea of the boats there but also make it easier to book one of the best boats for your fishing trip.

C) Cascais:

A town on the western edge of Portugal, Cascais is that famous port to which legendary travellers like Vasco Da Gama travelled to after his journeys. Cascais is home to some of the most beautiful white sand beaches of the world and it is abundant in sea life which makes it a superb destination for lovers of angling and big game fishing. With an year long fishing season you can travel to this Portuguese town any time during the year and indulge in your favorite sport of fishing. The fish that you can land from the Cascais are Bigeye Tuna, Blue Marlin, Grouper and lots more. Hire a charter boat in Cascais and enjoy a great day in Cascais pursuing and landing some of the big bad boys of big game fishing.

The Fishing Guide of Cascais includes all the details that you need to know about the place and about fishing in Cascais.

3. France:

Huge Bluefin Tuna
Giant Bluefin Tuna
Shortbill Spearfish reeled in from Martigues
Shortbill Spearfish

Well, France is one of those countries that is popular all around the world for various reasons. Paris the most romantic city of the world is located here and France is also home to monumental Eiffel tower and is known as the Fashion Capital of the World. In addition to these attractions, the geographic positioning of France also makes it a great location for Deep Sea Fishing trips. The Mediterranean sea on the east and the Atlantic Ocean on the west has created several wonderful Big Game Fishing Spots all across France.

A) Martigues:

The commune of Martigues in the city of Marseille is one of the most sought after Sport fishing spots in France. The Martigues Fishing Guide gives you all the information of the various fishing methods you can use here and the specific seasons for specific game fish species. The Mediterranean waters here bring numerous Swordfish, Bluefin Tuna, Spearfish, White Marlin, Barracuda and many more during the Big Game fishing season which begins with late March and extends till late November.

Hiring a charter boat with an experienced captain will ensure that you reach the right locations where you can land the fish of your dreams from.

B) Beaulieu Sur Mer:

Another French commune that is located on the southeastern coast of France is yet another Sportfishing destinations that is gaining popularity owing to its Tuna and other game fish population. You can enjoy a very adventurous and highly rewarding fishing trip off the coasts of Beaulieu Sur Mer in a Charter boat that is operated by an experienced angler.

4. Italy:

Huge Grouper from Sicily
Amberjack and Sea Bream caught from Sicily
Amberjack and Sea Bream

Italy is yet another one of the destinations that has earned high acclaim over the years as a top tourist destination. The Italian peninsula is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea and this aspect has created the Italian coast to be a great destination for Sport fishing anglers.

A) Sicily:

Sicily, the Italian island on the south west of Italy is a world renowned deep sea fishing destinations. The sunny climate, beautiful locations and architecture of Sicily has led to people saying that “if you go to Italy and not visit Sicily, then you have seen nothing”. The waters off the coast of Sicily are unspoiled and are home to a wide range of fish species including an array of the Big Game fish. The Fishing Guide of Sicily says that from Swordfish to Amberjack, you will find the most celebrated fish species of sport fishing here. The fishing season here begins in the month of April and lasts till December.

You can book a fishing charter from the Sicilian coasts that can take you to the right spots so that you land a good fish.

B) Sardinia:

Sardinia is a beautiful Italian Island that is situated in the Mediterranean Sea. Fishing is one sport that is very popular throughout this island and there are numerous boats that offer charter services. Spearfishing is one of the most popular fishing methods in Sardinia owing to the clear waters that allow better visibility. You will be able to fish out a wide variety of Mediterranean fish species from the offshore waters of Sardinia.

Check out some of the best charter boats here and book your fishing trip in advance before the seats run out.