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Top Ten Fishing Games

Can’t get enough of fishing? We at know how that can feel. Now that everything is going digital, fishing has also gotten digital (that’s comforting). While checking for these digital versions of fishing we were stunned at the number of virtual angling games that have such high-quality.


We are sure you are dying to know what they are. So here goes the Top Ten list, this is in no particular order. But they are rated the best.

The best fishing games

This video game by Vlambeer is one of the unchallenged gaming sensations of the present. It is designed for both iOS and Android.

Ridiculous fishing is about the fisherman Billy who fishes in pursuit of fame. The game takes you through three different phases. The first phase where you sink your hook into the murky water and avoid any fish. The second phase is when you pull the hook up with the fish and tilt your device to catch multiple fish on your way up. Then the third phase is where the fish are catapulted out of the water into the air and you have to tap the screen to shoot the fish to gain money.

The best fishing games

Developed by Rocket mind, this fishing game is one to look out for. The 3D visuals of Sport fishing will enthrall you. This stunning game with amazing 3D effects is available only on Android. When you are reeling in a huge fish and you move your phone, the view changes making it feel like you are actually there.

You can see the fish swimming and jumping among the waves. Once you spot a big fish all you need to do is flick your wrist to cast. Then you can fight and reel the fish and even click pictures of your catch for later viewing and also share the picture with friends.

The best fishing games

Ninja Fishing is a game developed by Gamenaut for both Android and iOS. Ninja Fishing lets you fish the ninja way with the katana. Otoro, the ninja has amazing fishing skills though no fighting skills.

You have to cast your hook deep into the ocean and reel in as many fish as possible. Once these fish reach the surface, you can slice them up with the katana that is activated by your touch. As you slice down the fish you will gain gold.

The best fishing games

Flick sport fishing is much closer to the real sport fishing. Developed by Freevere.Inc, brings forth living environments that are fully animated.

You can cast the line with a flick of your wrist and use the 9 types of bait depending on your fish. You can choose from 7 locations. All this makes Flick Fishing an undisputed fishing simulation. You can compete against your friends with network and can boast about your catches using the “Brag” feature.

The best fishing games

Gameloft has come up with Fishing Kings, which takes to fishing on a serious note. You can get into an intense and deeply engaging game of fishing where you can cast your line using the best rods and lures.

Choose from an array of fishing spots and fish species. With the underwater camera feature you can get into the heart of the action. With a wide range of fishing gear to choose from you can target the species you want and take pleasure in the most realistic fishing experience.

The best fishing games
Handygames has developed the Super Dynamite Fishing game that is sheer fun to play. Unlike the regular fishing equipment of the rod,reel and hooks you can take hold of the most dangerous weapons including the dynamite to catch or rather destroy the fish.

With a crazy storyline and crazier characters Super Dynamite Fishing is sure to blow your minds away. You can choose from a big arsenal and hunt around in luxurious ships to blast off the fish and make some money. This fast paced arcade will definitely latch on to your nerves.

Top ten fishing games

Created by Rocking Pocket Games, i Fishing has been designed in such a manner that it simulates real time fishing. Written by an avid fisherman, this game allows you to drive your boat freely around the river and fish structures. The fishing locations you choose, the lures and the depths to which you sink the lure and the reeling speed will all make a difference to the fish you catch. Thus i Fishing gives you a close to near fishing experience away from the water.

The best fishing games

Fishing Superstars is much closer to the real fishing as your device (phone) reacts to any movement that you make and thus replicates a real time fishing experience. With exotic fishing spots to choose from you can catch fish the hundreds of species available. You can also customise your avatar by picking your most preferred fishing gear.

Gamevil’s Fishing Superstars also allows you to compete with your friends in a friendly competition.

The best fishing games

This game brings to you very picturesque fishing locations from around the world. You can catch from a variety of 80 fish species using multiple rods and lures. All of this gives you a more closer feel of real fishing and awakens the fisherman in you.

The social features of the Gone Fishing – Trophy Catch will allow you to share the details and pictures of your catch with friends.

The best fishing games

Line corporation brings you the Mass Line Fishing Game. If you are a fishing enthusiast and you aren’t getting time to go on fishing trips then Line Mass Fishing will let you enjoy that aspect at your home or on your way to work. Induced with various quests, the game keeps you gripped in its spell. You can cast and reel your line like in real fishing and fish up to 200 different species.

You can compete with other fishermen and your friends for the biggest fish and exhibit your trophies.


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