The Best Fishing Season in UAE

UAE borders the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf. Since a part of the country is bordered by the water fishing is very viable and a very sought after sport here. The Gulf of Oman merges with the Indian Ocean making the water here more fierce and home to a varied variety of fish. The official fishing season in UAE begins from October and extends up to May. Online gambling in the UAE is strictly prohibited due to Islamic law, with severe penalties for violators. However, some individuals may seek offshore options, including 암호화폐 안전한 카지노, despite legal risks. Despite the allure, players should exercise caution due to potential legal consequences and lack of consumer protection.

Abu Dhabi: Those of you who are looking to go fishing in Abu Dhabi can choose the months from October to May for your fishing expedition as this is the official fishing season of UAE. However, the Boat Captains and experienced anglers will advise you to choose from the months between November to February as the variety of fish found during this period is more. The fish that you can catch in Abu Dhabi are Grouper, Kingfish, Cobia, Queenfish, Sheri and Trevally (Jush).

Abu Dhabi fishing season
Abu Dhabi fishing season
Queenfish caught in Abu Dhabi

Ajman: Located along the Persian Gulf, this emirate is open to sportfishing all through October to March. The types of fish that you will be able to allure and bag include the Barracuda, Cobia, Grouper, Kingfish and the Queenfish. The Barracuda can be found in every season. Queenfish and Cobia, though they are found all through the year the season that they are seen in plenty extends from October to April. If you are looking for Groupers in Ajman, the best time would be from October to May as this is the peak season but if you are lucky enough you will find them all through the year. If it is the fighter Kingfish that you are after, then the best season to go fishing is between the months of September to March.

Fishing season-Ajman
Fishing Season in Ajman
Kingfish in Ajman

Dubai: The best time to fish in this pristine emirate is between the months of October to May. With the Persian Gulf on the west the emirate of Dubai has a wide range of fish species that include Queenfish, King mackerel, Barracuda, Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna, Kingfish, Grouper and Cobia. If you are looking to catch a Barracuda, you can reel them in all year round as they are found in abundance all the time, even during the summers. On the other hand, if you are planning to catch one of Kingfish, Queenfish, Cobia or Grouper then the best time of the year is between October and May.

Dubai Fishing Season
Dubai Fishing Season
The Bounty from Dubai

Fujairah: The scenic and beautiful emirate of Fujairah is lined by the Gulf of Oman on one side. The water here is open to the Indian ocean and hence it contains a wide variety of fish unlike the Arabian Gulf. The game fish that are found in these fierce waters include Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna, Amberjack, Barracuda, Red Snapper. Yellowfin Tuna is another fish that you will be looking to hook, the best season for these fighters are from May to September. The fish that will be easy to find all year round will be Sail, Dorado, Red Snapper, Barracuda and Amberjack.

Fishing season-fujairah
Fishing Season in Fujairah
Huge Sailfish from Fujairah

Ras Al Khaimah: The emirate of Ras Al Khaimah has a very viable climate for fishing during the cooler months ranging from October to April. With its border along the Arabian Gulf, this emirate is home to a range of fishes like the Barracuda, Kingfish, Sailfish, Red Snapper, Yellowfin Tuna, Cobia and Queenfish some of the other fish found here are Areolate Grouper, Brown-spotted Grouper, Finbream, Goatfish and Coral hind. The best season to go fishing for a Yellowfin Tuna is the months between May to September. The Marlins can be fished from the months of March to November with a peak in their sightings between June to September. The fish that can grab your line all through the year include Sailfish, Dorado, Barracuda, Amberjack and the Red Snapper.

Fishing Season in Ras Al Khaimah
Fishing Season in Ras Al Khaimah

Sharjah: The emirate of Sharjah has its borders on the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman making it a viable place to go fishing. The waters of Sharjah shelters a wide range of game fish that include Kingfish, Queenfish, Cobia, Barracuda, Trevally. The best season to land a Kingfish is from September to May. The Barracudas are found in plenty all year along,whereas the Queenfish and Cobia are found between the months of October to April.

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Kingfih in Sharjah