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Interview with Capt. Carlos of Deep Blue Sea in Dubai

The goatee and tattoo screams “I’m rebellious.” The shaved head, sun-kissed tan, and penchant for fatigue short gives off a marine vibe. He’s been places – from Oman, across the Arabian Peninsula all the way to Egypt, then down to southern Africa. He’s been to Florida then the waters of South East Asia: from the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia to Thailand.

He’s young, energetic, and has daredevil written all over him. He’s probably a bit crazy too…and foolish, don’t really know for sure. But I do know that it’s something the young can afford. Foolishness requires courage. And it takes a lot of courage for a man to go after the things he’s good at and passionate about.

Born and bred in Dubai, captain Carlos is the owner and operator of Deep Blue Sea Fishing who runs fishing excursions in the same city. This charter company prides itself for going the extra mile, literally and figuratively, every time it takes anglers out to sea. He’s generous enough to share with us how it all began and why he built a career out of fishing.

How did you become a fisherman?

It started as a hobby 20 years ago when I was a kid. I used to go shore fishing with my friends under Maktoom bridge. I still remember the feeling I had when I caught my first fish. Ever since I knew this is something that I enjoy doing and will continue to do.


Did someone influence you to like fishing?

Actually a friend of mine did. His name is Waleed. He used to take me out with him on his small fishing boat and he taught me all the wicked techniques to land the biggest fish. He was very adventurous and never gave up on a bad day of fishing. He always tried hard until he found the right spot and never came back empty handed. He also taught me something I could never have learned in school. He taught me that success isn’t about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do. And this is why I started following my passion and turned it into a business that I love to run everyday.

What is the biggest fish you’ve caught in your life?

A 120kg Blue marlin in Madagascar back in 2012.


How long did you fight it and how did it feel when you finally caught it?

It was landed by spearfishing. It started when I heard someone screamed “Marlin! Marlin” I looked up and saw my friends waving to us to follow the buoys which were attached to the spear. We swam so fast and by the time we reached the buoys it was almost impossible to catch our breath, let alone dive down to 70-80 feet to put a secure shot on it. Later, after hanging unto the buoys for a few minutes, I managed to dive down to 75 feet and secure it with a spear shot. After pulling and fighting for almost an hour, I managed another shot, eventually the marlin was landed on the boat by all of us. We all felt that we’ve accomplished our goal since all of us played major parts in landing the monster.

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You’ve experienced fishing in many parts of the world, from South East Asia to Africa and North America; where would you most likely go back to?

Most probably Africa, Madagascar in particular because there’s a great verity of fish which you can choose from and I’ve already been there 3 times. I can’t get enough of that place! Blue water hunting is far more exciting than anything else I have ever experienced.

What’s the best aspect of fishing in Dubai?

It’s being able to go fishing almost everyday because you can catch different species on different seasons. Obviously this only applies for those who know the good fishing spots and have the right gear.

What are the most common species you’ve caught in this city?

King fish, trevallies and shiri.


In your experience, when’s the best time to go fishing in Dubai and what are the best fishing techniques to use?

Best time of the year usually starts from Sept until May. And the best techniques to land some big fish is to troll with live bait. It has never gone wrong. carlos_deepbluesea5 What was your best fishing memory?

It was when I landed my dream fish which is the Dog Tooth Tuna. I was lucky enough to capture this moment on a camera that was mounted on my head.. the image above speaks for itself. carlos_deepbluesea8 You seem like a fun guy to be with and obviously very passionate about fishing. What is it about fishing that you love so much?

It’s the feeling of freedom, yet it’s not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it. Many people say fishing is a sport. I say it’s a way of life.

Captain Carlos at Deep Blue Sea’s helm.

He offers 4 to 8 hours of private fishing trips. He also has 4 to 6 hours of shared trips with fishing, swimming, and barbecue every Saturday. Visit Deep Blue Sea’s Fishfishme page to learn more about his charter.