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Why is the Captain very Important when Choosing a Fishing Trip?

A good fishing trip is all about catching fish and having a great time in the ocean. Now, to make your fishing trip enjoyable and fruitful, it is very important to have a good charter boat and an even better charter captain. During a fishing trip, online casino games provide entertainment between catches. With a 안전카지노 platform, anglers can enjoy their favorite games amidst serene waters and breathtaking scenery. Whether waiting for the big catch or winding down after a day on the water, it’s a perfect complement to outdoor adventures. If you are an ardent and regular fishing enthusiast you will know very well why it is important to choose the right captain. He will be the discerning factor of how your fishing trip will turn out. Remember, you are going to be on a boat in the middle of the ocean with this one man (the captain) and you will be fishing at the spots he chooses to take you. So, the captain of your boat should be a person whom you can spend four to eight hours of your day with.

At this point, you might ask, but how do we know if a captain is good or not? Now, that’s a good question. Choosing the right charter captain and boat is not that hard. You just have to educate yourself on what to look for in the boat and what questions to ask the captain. Here is a set of quick guidelines that will help you in making an easy and right choice of the captain

Do high priced charters offer better service?

The prices of the charter boats do indicate the quality of the service most of the time but not always. The busiest charter will be the one with the higher rates. A captain can get that busy only if he provides his clients with an exceptional all round experience on the boat. Fishing is not just about catching a greater number of fish, it is about catching a good fish and making the most of the time spent on the ocean.

The decision is your’s, are you looking for the quality of the fishing trip or is the price a greater factor? Anyone can get a captain’s license and own a charter boat, but that doesn’t mean they will be the better host or the best fishermen.

How experienced is your captain?

You should make sure that your captain has spent enough years on the water. Many charter captains may be part time fishermen who take up the charter captain’s role during weekends while pursuing other jobs on weekdays. Being on the water on a regular basis (everyday) has its advantages. A full time captain will be able to predict the waters and the fish behavior more accurately than a part time captain.

Therefore, knowing the years of experience of your captain and how often he goes fishing is very important to ensure that you get a more productive and enjoyable fishing experience.

At when you choose a fishing charter boat you will get to access the captain profile where you will get to know more about the captain. We have also included short interview videos with the captain so that you get a first hand knowledge about the captain you are going to fish with.

Calculating the duration of the trip.

The duration of the trip is calculated differently by different captains. Make sure that you understand exactly how your captain chooses to calculate the duration of the trip. For example, if a trip duration is mentioned to be eight hours, the actual time spent on the water may differ drastically from it. Some charter captains prefer to start the clock when you begin to fill up the papers and licenses before you set foot on the boat, they might also come back before the eight hours are up to clean and dish up the catch. Some other captains would prefer to set the clock only once you get on the boat and reach the fishing spot and let you fish until the entire eight hours are over and only then head back to the dock.

So it is advised that you talk to the captain and sort the timings out to prevent any disappointments and regrets.

What will you catch?

Before you set forth on your trip try to understand what kind of fish you will be targeting from the boat. A good captain who knows the ocean and who fishes frequently will always give you a good list and guarantee the catch. If a captain is unsure of the catch and the type of catch then it sure indicates that he may not be the best at what he does.

These observations will give you a good picture of the captain that you have chosen to go fishing with. Now, another important aspect to check is the boat, though the boat is not as important as the captain it still is an integral part of a good fishing trip.

The size and condition of the boat.

The boat you go fishing on will also have an impact on the quality of the trip. A big and spacious boat will not only provide you comfort, it will also have a better seaworthiness when compared to smaller boats. The heavier the boat is the smoother it generally rides. Smaller boats will have a lesser space to accommodate people and are considered less stable as they bounce quite a lot on the waves.

As you will be in the sea for hours you might want to ensure that the boat has a clean bathroom.

Do you have to bring anything along?

Almost all fishing charters provide all the equipment that is required for fishing. However, there are some things that you will have to carry on your own. Ask and confirm with your captain what are the things that you will have to take along with you.

Some of the common things that you will have to carry with you when going on a fishing trip are listed out for you here.

  • Sunglasses, sunblock and hat- In the open ocean, these are a must to keep you protected from the sun.

  • Warm clothes and rain gear – the temperature in the sea will be cooler than the land, so carry warm clothes with you. Keeping some rain gear handy can never go wrong as the oceans can get some showers every now and then.

  • Soft soled shoes – these will provide better grip on the boat especially when it is wet and slippery.

  • Food and drinks – check with you captain if you need to bring food or if it will be provided, because after hooking up with a good catch you sure will be exhausted and some food and drinks will gear you up for the next fight.

  • Camera – don’t forget this, to capture all the fun and the big catches make sure you carry your camera with you.

  • Cooler – you might have to carry a cooler with you to keep your catch fresh and to take it home after you reach the shore.

To read more on the things that you need to take when going fishing click here.

Once you are clear on these things, then you are all set for your fishing trip. Pack your bags, put on your game face and plunge in.