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One argument that often crops up between sport fishing anglers is about the grandeur of their favorite game fish. The Tuna is one of the most popular contenders for that top spot. And it is a rightful competitor as well. Many times they are compared with the Marlin in terms of game fish qualities. Well, the Marlin is undoubtedly a great game fish. It is fast, strong, powerful and has great stamina that boosts the fish’s fighting abilities.

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The sound of the waves and nothing else to see for miles and miles other than the glistening water. The sun shining on your skin, the water splashing as you drift through the sea, what an awesome way to spend a vacation away from all the bustling crowd and the drudging chores. How about going fishing in a place like Salalah that has panoramic landscape and locations? All this and more completely planned out for you.

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Fishing is by far one of the most enjoyed sports or recreational activities (whichever way you look at it). For all of you fishing enthusiasts out there, we have bundled up a list of some of the best fishing locations in the world. These are some of the top deep sea fishing destinations where every fisherman and fisher-woman ought to get their line in the water.

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