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Here at Fishfishme, we know that fishermen are a superstitious lot; in fact, many of the superstitions they abide by are so well-known that most non-fishermen are familiar with at least one of them. Whether it’s “not naming the boat is bad luck” or “don’t forget to christen the new boat with wine or champagne”, there are plenty of beliefs that have been around the fishing boat world for a long time that just will not fade away. One superstition in particular has a reputation of turning eager fisherman into angry anglers as quick as you can say “fruit” – and that’s the belief that bringing bananas on the boat, specifically the fishing boat, spells doom.

The Origins of Bananas on Boats being Bad Luck

There are many theories as to the origin of the belief, from a story about a shipload of bananas that carried bacteria onboard, killing everyone on the boat, to the fact that other fruits, when shipped with bananas, spoil more quickly. Spiders, insects, and snakes may living among a shipment of bananas, and infest the ship. Fishermen can become ill after eating the fruit. Hundreds of years ago, when ships would sink, few items that were onboard would be found floating on the surface of the water – except bananas, leading to the belief that the fruit brought a curse to the vessels.

The Most Likely Origin

However, the most likely origin of the superstition has to do with vessels in the 1700s that would transport bananas across the sea – these wooden vessels had to move very quickly in order to deliver the bananas before they rotted, making trolling for fish almost impossible. It’s been deemed ever since that “banana boats” did not make for good fishing boats, and the idea branched out into several superstitious mantras for fishermen today.

The next time you’re packing for your deep sea fishing charters, just in case, be sure to leave anything having to do with bananas at home!



Like so many people who grew up near the coast, Capt. Borja couldn’t resist the call of the sea. So after 12 years of working on land, he finally decided to become a seafarer, and eventually a charter operator.

Capt. Borja shares with us life on board a commercial fishing vessel and the perks of living in Basque Country.

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Windfinder 2014


Every fisherman checks Windfinder before going in a fishing trip. We use it here at all the time. We wanted to know more about the company and the app and how everything started. So we got in touch with Windfinder team and we were lucky enough to reach one of the co-founders Oliver Konig. Oliver was kind enough to do an interview with us and answers some of our questions and we are excited to share it with you.

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The Marlins are probably every sport fishing angler’s dream fish. Nothing can get better than standing on board your boat holding a beautiful creature such as the Marlin that gave you such a fight that your entire body feels battered. Sport fishermen all around the world go in search of these magnificently beautiful fish that are both strong and huge.

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The Blue Marlin is by far the most sought after game fish by sport fishermen all over the world. These magnificent creatures known for their relentless fighting power, speed and aerial acrobatics are easily distinguishable from other species of fish. They have an elongated upper jaw that resembles a spear which is used by the fish to protect itself from predators and to stun its prey. Once a Marlin is hooked it will put up a fight that can last for hours. Experienced anglers who have studied all the moves of the fish will try and compel the fish to react and behave in certain ways that makes it easier to overpower and land the fish.

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 A good fishing trip is all about catching fish and having a great time in the ocean. Now, to make your fishing trip enjoyable and fruitful, it is very important to have a good charter boat and an even better charter captain. If you are an ardent and regular fishing enthusiast you will know very well why it is important to choose the right captain. He will be the discerning factor of how your fishing trip will turn out. Remember, you are going to be on a boat in the middle of the ocean with this one man (the captain) and you will be fishing at the spots he chooses to take you. So, the captain of your boat should be a person whom you can spend four to eight hours of your day with.

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The fishing season is here and fishing is an awesome sport to unwind from the week’s tedious work. Catching up with friends, out in the quiet ocean and catching a few fish, nothing can be more relaxing than that. But before going on a trip, you should make sure that you carry everything necessary. The things you need to carry with you will change depending on the type of fish you plan to catch. However, after some research we have compiled a basic fishing checklist that every fisherman ought to carry with him when going deep sea fishing.

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Bottom fishing refers to the most common way of fishing techniques, used to catch fish that are found near the sea floor. This technique may seem like a lazy way of catching fish but it requires the utmost drifting and anchoring tactics. Large predatory fish like the Grouper, Halibut and the Red snapper are found by the reefs, buoys and the wrecks. And the best way to reel in one of them is using the bottom fishing method.

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