Top Fishing Spots in the World for Marlin

Let’s talk about Marlin. This is one fish that has left me stunned like thousands of other sport fishermen around the world. It is one of the most magnificent Big Game fish and one with the most grandeur. The firm and strong body, the powerful bill and that dictatorial attitude all make these fish the definitive celebrity of the sportfishing realm.

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Top Ten Sailfish Destinations in the World

What do you think of landing the fastest fish in the world? I am sure you are searching for a word to explain that. It sure is going to be a once in a lifetime moment. The Sailfish are one of the most enticing species of billfish. The elusiveness, the lightning speed and the adamant attitude of the Sailfish has amazed fishermen since the first days of fishing.

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Top Ten Fish Catches in the World

Big Game Fishing sure is an adrenaline pumping sport. The thrill of getting hooked to a giant fish is beyond description. The fight for dominance and the exhibition of raw power is something that Big Game Anglers live for. Talking of Big Game fishing, have you ever wondered what are the biggest fish species that have been caught? Let me give you a glimpse of the the world’s largest saltwater fish catches.

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The Top Ten Game Fish in the World

This began as the top fish the one and only fish that is considered the best by all anglers in the world. But I ended up arguing with myself when considering each one of them and ended up creating this list of the most sought after game fish by game fishing anglers. Each fish on this list for sure will rubberise your muscles and numb your legs once you get hooked with them.

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Top Fishing TV Shows

We at love fishing TV shows, but there are thousands of shows about fishing, which ones are the best. Many teach you how to go fishing with tips and tricks of the game. Then there are those shows that showcase the meanest and strongest of the fish. You will get a glimpse of the adventurous side of sportfishing and the fun involved in it. Here is a list of the top five fishing shows that we think bring out the best and most daring of pursuits made in fishing.

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Top Eleven Mobile Apps for Fishing

As the fishing season commences many of you will be preparing yourself for your day of fishing. It doesn’t really matter if you are a newbie to fishing or an experienced angler. You will need your share of practice. But in this hectic world you might hardly get any time for that kind of practice. But there are a good number of mobile apps that will help you in training and preparing yourself for your fishing expedition. We at tried to list the top eleven mobile apps for fishing. Listed below in random order.
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