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Like so many people who grew up near the coast, Capt. Borja couldn’t resist the call of the sea. So after 12 years of working on land, he finally decided to become a seafarer, and eventually a charter operator.

Capt. Borja shares with us life on board a commercial fishing vessel and the perks of living in Basque Country.

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Like most men his age, he has a day job. But unlike most men his age who love fishing, he doesn’t have to wait for the holidays to use his tackle. Neither did he wait for retirement to get his own boat. That’s the beauty of having your own charter. And he takes full advantage by sharing the fun to others, even a few fish tales which he shares below.

Where were you born? Baghdad, Iraq

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He is one of the most prolific charter captains in Muscat, an excellent fisherman with excellent people skills. He’s such warm person, you can feel his enthusiasm oozing from the phone. There are captains who thrive in fishing but fails to connect with the anglers. This one can be terribly sweet to the people on board. He keeps you entertained, attends your needs, and teaches you how to work the rod and reel. He has the balance of guiding you and letting you do your own thing.

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Do you find it difficult to bond with your family, your children who are growing up fast? Do you know them as persons? If you feel like you aren’t getting enough family time and that family bonding has to be forced then it is the time that you give it a thought. In this plugged-in world it is almost impossible to find some undisturbed time with your family where your phone or mail box doesn’t give you notifications.

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Do you have to be a guy to enjoy fishing? Not really, women enjoy fishing as much as men do. Gone are the days when your hobbies were decided by your gender. There are numerous men in the world who love to cook and watch ballet. If it is completely acceptable for a dad to cook a meal for his kids and go watch a ballet with his wife, then why can’t a wife go out fishing with her husband or play baseball with her son? It all depends on a person’s interest and not on a person being of a certain gender.

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“Fishing” the sound of it is in itself resonating with a male dominated sport or profession. It is quite evident that fishing has been dictated by men over the centuries. But the world is changing. Like in every other field women are inching in to find their place in the fishing industry. Some of them have even succeeded in their pursuit and have gained popularity through the media through their uncommon ways. We were on a quest to find and bring to you some of the successful fisher-women. A series of research attempts led to the finding of a very few of them. Here we are bringing to you some of the them who we think are among the top four fisher-women of the world showed that they are in deed tougher than men.

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Is fishing a sport or not? A question we tried to answer here at This question can raise some eyebrows and stir up a lot of debate. To make a more logical explanation, let’s examine some points that make an activity a sport. What would you call a sport? The dictionary says, a sport is something that needs physical exertion, something that requires a skill set and something that is competed by an individual or a team against another for entertainment.

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There is nothing like sneaking out of bed at early dawn and getting away in a boat out into the sea and spending those early hours fishing. And on top of it the joy of catching a fish will exhilarate your mood. Did you know that some of your favourite celebrities took to this sport to unwind and reinvigorate them from the constant pressure of their works? You will be surprised at the names of celebrity fishermen and fisherwomen that pop up here.

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