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Fall fishing in San Diego

Here is a short guide to the type of fish that can be caught during fall in San Diego.

Yellowtail: Fishing for Yellowtail is hot year round with an abundance of them in the Summer time When they come a little farther up from Mexico. That means that the Yellowtail will be in the waters in the fall for the fisherman who are willing to bare some of the cool tempertures. You can catch these guys with live bait, Jigs and top water irons.

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Rockfish: Rockfish and Rock cod are caught year round as well off the rock structures in the coastal waters. Now while the Cod are some ugly fish they are fantastic eating and a great fight for those wanting to live bait fish.

Halibut: In the warmer fall months halibut can be caught by jigging off of the bottom and even surf fishing. Some people even user swim baits in the surf to catch them. They are delicious but tend to disappear when it gets cold.

Sand Bass and Calico Bass: Sand bass and Calico bass are very agressive in the kelp beds during summer and the warmer fall months. You can use swimming Jigs, crank baits, soft platics and squid to catch these guys. Their bite seems to turn off in late fall.

Barracuda and Bonito: Sometimes on randoms 3/4 day trips you’ll get lucky and catch a Barracuda or Bonito while trolling or using live bait. They seem to disappear as well in the later fall months however.

Below is a chart that show the hot times for the fish I talked about in the article as well as other fish in San Diego. I hope this all helped!

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Fall fishing in San Diego doesn’t get any better than this.