Fish in Style with Fishfishme and Uber

Today we are announcing an exciting partnership with Uber (the on-demand luxury car service). Now if you book a fishing trip in Dubai you’ll get a free ride to your boat with a luxury car.


Below is how it works:

  1. Book a fishing trip in Dubai[1] with
  2. You’ll receive a promotional code to use for your Uber account[2] (two free rides up to 70 AED each in your Uber account)
  3. Download Uber App from the App storeor Google Play
  4. Register on Uber using the promotional code you received[3]
  5. Use the App to request a luxurious car (you’ll either get a Lexus, Mercedes, Audi or BMW) to take you to the boat (Click here to learn how to use the App – video by fisfishme team)
Majed Abukhater, General Manager – Uber Dubai, adds “Uber is happy to partner with fishfishme to provide our services. We love fishfishme and want to see it grow and succeed and we’re doing our best as Uber to make that happen. This partnership also makes sense for us because we have done similar campaigns around the world and as a new entrant into Dubai this is a great way for users to learn about us and try us out.”

Uber photo

Abdullah Alshalabi, Co-founder and Managing Director of fishfishme, comments on the new partnership “I believe it’s great news to everyone, we love Uber and we are happy to see them operating here in Dubai. I think the partnership makes perfect sense, especially that most of our customers are asking for pick-up and drop-off services. Previously we couldn’t do much about it, but now they can get a free ride with a great luxurious car.”
Uber iphone App

[1] Pickups only in Dubai but drop-offs anywhere in the UAE
[2] The promotional code will only be valid for new Uber users that have not previously taken rides
[3] You only need to enter the code once but it will apply to 2 trips: to and from your fishing trip

6 thoughts on “Fish in Style with Fishfishme and Uber”

    1. Hi Ilyah,
      Well you still need to put your credit card, unfortunately you can’t activate your account without doing that. So in case you passed the limit 70AED (let’s say 90AED) for the pickup the app will charge you 20AED. However, if you went back and the ride is only 60AED, then it will automatically refund the 10AED extra to your credit card. Hope this is not confusing.
      To give you an idea, a trip from Dubai Mall to Mall of Emirates will cost around 60-70AED. It is usually 20-30AED more expensive than a regular taxi.
      Hope that makes things clearer. Let me know if you still have more inquiries.

  1. I just got a free ride to the airport with code ‘uberInStyle60’ (confirmed working). Good for 3 free uber rides ($20 max/each ride)

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