Why is Fishing the Best Time to Spend with Family

Do you find it difficult to bond with your family, your children who are growing up fast? Do you know them as persons? If you feel like you aren’t getting enough family time and that family bonding has to be forced then it is the time that you give it a thought. In this plugged-in world it is almost impossible to find some undisturbed time with your family where your phone or mail box doesn’t give you notifications.


Now you must be thinking, how to find time with family without distractions and have a great time bonding with each other. It is quite simple, take them fishing! With absolutely no distractions whatsoever, and a whole lot of time to spend together in the open ocean your family will not realize the time spent and eventually the bonding will happen effortlessly.

Fishing is a great activity that allows you to cut yourself from all the technological strings that tie you down. Phones, the internet, television and the like is all left behind when you venture into the great blue ocean. Here, when you come face to face with nature at its best , you are sure to forget all the worldly tensions and relaunch yourself.

I can offer you a few tips to ensure that your trip gives you plenty of family bonding.

  • Find the right charter boat for you, that can accommodate your entire family and that has a knowledgeable captain.

  • Plan your trip properly so that you do not miss out on anything important. To know more about what to take with you when going fishing, click here.

  • When on the trip make sure that you engage fully and listen closely to what anyone says, you will get to discover a lot more about your family and your own self that way.

  • If it is the first time fishing with your family, take advantage of their curiosity and teach them the various aspects of fishing by involving them in the small chores. Let them into the thrill of fishing that involves stalking and ambushing.

  • Every now and then let your children take the lead, this will keep them interested for a longer time and it will also improve their self esteem.

  • Take advantage of the excitement of reeling in a big fish and make it a group achievement. I am sure your kids will love to go out and boast about it to a few friends of theirs.

  • Make your trip eventful by trying something new or by adding some music and games into your fishing activity. Bring your music instruments or use the natural things found in the boat to make music. You might leave with a favourite family song by the end of the trip, you never know.

  • And in then when you caught some fish, in the end cook with your family. Take this opportunity to teach your children a special recipe or just spend some time together creating something together and sharing the kitchen space together that you have never done before.

The best thing about fishing is that when you are in the open ocean you are cut off from the electronic world and you have a good amount of time in your hand with your family. There will not be anything to distract you but you will have enough activities to do together as a team and accomplish small tasks together. These small things will draw your family together and allow each member to know more about the other person. This is why we @fishfishme think that fishing is one of the best times to spend with your family.

So what are you waiting for? Book your charter boat now, we will help you find the right boat and captain for your family. Just visit www.fishfishme.com and choose from a vast list of experienced chartered captains from around the world.

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