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Blogs are one of the most popular means to voice one’s opinion and thoughts on various subjects. They are also a great source of first hand knowledge on a lot of topics. Blogs on fishing have become quite popular these days. There are a number of blogs written by experienced anglers and ardent fishing enthusiasts. There are a few blogs that we love and thought we would share with you.

Fishing Fury, A Fishing Blog with Attitude: - Fishing Fury

The Fishing Fury first appeared in 2004 and has since brought out tons of information to the benefit of the angler community. This Canada-based blog covers topics on both freshwater and saltwater.

Clive Mathias, Jonathon Marshall and Koke Machine are the three devout anglers contributing to this blog. The latest post, “Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas” is a simple, practical post that got us thinking of all the things we should be buying for our fish-loving fathers this Father’s Day.

The 4 Eel Fishin’ tips and tricks by Koke Machine are interesting and informative. True to the article’s description, you’ll have a laugh as you learn a few angling tricks.

With multiple authors writing on different subjects, the blog is lively and does not lack in variety.

From product reviews to real life adventures in fishing, everything in the blog is showcased in a very engaging manner. The blog also boasts a very active forum covering various fishing topics and a Fishing Fury YouTube channel filled with some great work..

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The Classic Angler - The Classic Angler

Begun in 2008, The Classic Angler is a blog written by Erik Helm from Wisconsin, USA. As per Erik’s words, this blog is a place for anglers who enjoy tradition and literary efforts of a another angler. Erhk maintains that he aims to inspire and incite thought about various aspects of fishing through the blog.

The Classic Angler is a more serious blog and is apt for the more experienced angler. Topics are discussed in great detail and in a manner that befits a seasoned angler’s perspective.Taking a look at the post entitled, “Some thoughts and musings on soft or ‘slow’ fly rods”, you’ll see that it has been very well written and includes great detail.
We found it to be a very informative blog with detailed description of various fishing equipment, fishing methods, real life experiences and many more in very lucid yet simple language.

Sea Fishing Guide - Sea Fishing Guide,

Now, this is a blog that caught our attention. It discusses varying subjects from bass fishing to fishing kayaks, and has a very interesting section meant exclusively for beginners.

The Sea Fishing for Beginners section has been written with an aim to provide the most basic understanding of fish and their habitats. It’s an excellent resource for amateur fishermen who have just begun to get their feet wet.
The author of the blog, Jamie Hibbert, uses very simple, understandable language. Posts like “Replacing a Boat Propeller – What you need to know” are enlightening and shed light on routine aspects of fishing often overlooked by novice anglers. Jamie describes why regular checking of the propeller and knowing how to replace it is important.
Fishing tips, pointers on safety while fishing, basic tackle and species guide are all included in this section.
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Reel-Time -

Reel-Time is another well-rounded blog covering a vast array of topics related to fishing. Written and updated by Reel Time fishermen, the blog covers the many facts of fishing these fishermen/writers come across every day.

Expert opinions, suggestions on various topics and questions is how this blog sets itself apart. The discussion forum is very busy with hundreds of views/posts every day..
Articles on general fishing information, conservation and various types of saltwater fishing and fish species are discussed in this blog.
Steve Waters, Rip Cunningham and Captain John McMurray are the usual writers of this blog. One article that I read recently was “Eat Bluefish” by Captain John McMurray. Anyone who likes the idea of fishing is sure to get hitched to his articles. He has a very natural way of narrating an incident and through it bringing out a lot of information. In the end he even shares an interesting recipe with Bluefish.
It is a lot of information just at your fingertips, you might want to take a look at these blogs if you have a heart for the sea and fishing.

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