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Is Fishing a Sport or Not?

Is fishing a sport or not? A question we tried to answer here at This question can raise some eyebrows and stir up a lot of debate. To make a more logical explanation, let’s examine some points that make an activity a sport. What would you call a sport? The dictionary says, a sport is something that needs physical exertion, something that requires a skill set and something that is competed by an individual or a team against another for entertainment.

Is fishing a sport
An Acrobatic Marlin

Now let’s look at fishing. Fishing is of different types. Leisurely fishing involves taking a rod out to the shore and casting it into the water while you spend some quality time with your best buddy or your beloved ones. It can also be going out on a boat and basking in the sun with a few drinks and casting your line out in the water and grabbing any fish that comes along. This doesn’t need any special physical exertion or skill set. Sportfishing on the other hand, unlike the leisure fishing requires a skill set and it demands physical exertion. Imagine reeling in a Marlin over 100 pounds into your boat.

See for yourself!

Here is a Giant Trevally

Fishing may not be a very appealing to the spectators, but I bet the ones that are out fishing will love every bit of it. The moments of expectation of when a fish bites, the fight with the fish when you pull at it and finally the exertion that goes into pulling the fish into your boat. Just the thought of it gives me an adrenaline rush. Like any other sport, fishing involves a lot of physical exertion. Pulling a huge Marlin out of the water can make even the strongest angler knock himself out. It needs an array of skill set to lure in one of the big monsters from the sea and get them into your boat. Like other sportsmen, fishermen (sport fishermen or otherwise) have to practice and straighten out their fishing techniques.

The more you fish the more you learn. It is not all about a fishing rod and some bait. You have to know where, when and how to look for the fish. What bait and lure to use. And the technique to hold and pull the reel so that you do not lose the fish. It is all a skill that has to be perfected through regular training. And of course there is competition. You can compete to catch the biggest fish or the most fish, that depends on you. You can compete with your fellow anglers or with anglers from other boats or even from other seas. The possibilities are endless.

This all boils down to the point that fishing is indeed a sport and not just an outdoor activity. There could be many who would like to differ from this, please feel free to put down your comments and views.

Fishing sport
The Delighted Winners