Fishing’s Lost Coast


A Whole New World: Fishing in the Gulf

Beyond the luscious beaches of the West Coast and the nostalgic waters of the East Coast lies a forgotten shoreline rich with possibilities. For those of us that love to brave the waters in search of a delicious meal, the Gulf of Mexico will always be known as Fishing’s Lost Coast. Sprawling and diverse, the Gulf is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to casting nets and reeling lines. While there are plenty of big game fisheries throughout the Deep South, the fishing industry tends to overlook the sheer size and scale of the Gulf. With swarms of marlin, tuna, and cobia waiting to be caught, the underutilization of the Gulf remains a mystery.


Why Go Fishing in the Gulf?

The Gulf curves along 1,680 miles of US coastline and 1,743 miles of Mexico’s coastline with a basin that spans 615,000 square miles. This eclectic mix of water creates a unique breeding ground for hundreds of species of fish. Every second, The Mississippi River alone pours over 3 million gallons of fresh water into the heart of the Gulf. Spawning a massive amount of baitfish, the Gulf has become one of the best places in the world for big game fishing. History is full of notorious examples of hard-core trollers netting fish the size of a large horse, with record-setting blue marlins and blue-fin tunas nearing a thousand pounds each.


The New Frontier: Fishing in Cuba

The Obama Administration’s decision to restore US relations with Cuba marks a turning point in the island’s fishing industry. Cubans have been guzzling down fish at rapid rate since the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1980s. When communism was on the decline, the country’s citizens were so desperate for food that they devoured as many fish as they could find, stifling the growth of the fish population for generations. Now that Cuba’s trading privileges have been restored, natives and tourists alike are free to buy, trade, and sell fish without fear of retribution.


If you’re tired of casting your line in the same old fisheries, the Gulf of Mexico is calling your name. Fishing’s Lost Coast is one of the world’s greatest untapped natural resources for big-game expeditions and private fishing charters in the Western Hemisphere. Head to the Deep South, plan a trip to Mexico, or explore the open waters of Cuba and discover the magic of deep-sea fishing in the Gulf.