Great fishing experience in Sharjah

I woke up at 5AM in my apartment in Dubai waiting for the phone call from Captain Hisham to give me the thumbs up to go fishing with him in Sharjah. I took a quick shower and Captain Hisham called at 6AM and told me to get ready for one the best fishing experiences I’ll ever have in the UAE (Captain Hisham runs his own fishing charter company called Ocean Adventures). So I left my apartment at 6:45AM heading to Sharjah, it took me around 45 min to arrive at the departure point (at Marbella Resort, Sharjah), but that’s only because I live a bit far from Down town Dubai (it should take you around 20-30min from Dubai to the resort).

Sharjah Sea

So I arrived at the resort at 7:30AM and found Martin (the captain assistant) waiting for me to take me to the boat. We arrived in the boat and Captain Hisham was there to greet me with a box of Donuts for breakfast, Awesome!! After eating a couple of donuts we were ready to go. The first stop was getting the permission from the port station (NEVER forget to bring your ID with you, bring your passport, this is the only thing you need to bring with you for this trip). After getting the paper work done (which takes less than 5min) we are all set for a great fishing trip.

Fishing charter in sharjah,

Sharjah port

The adventure begins with catching some live bait. So we went for a close area and we started using some rods with artificial bait and did some popping. First cast and we got this small Trevally (aka Yellowspotted Trevally), it’s a perfect bait for Kingfish, Queenfish and Cobia. We did this for less than 15min and already caught 15 pieces, “Great, let’s just spend the rest of the trip here” (I said). Captain Hisham laughed; he knew very well that the best part is still coming.

After catching a handful of live bait, we went to his secret location, which is not very far from shore. He hooked the live Trevally in a rod that has a Shimano reel, threw it and started trolling. Not long till we get the first bite, he passed me the rod and it was something very heavy. We didn’t know what was it till the fish jumped and we got good look at it. It was a huge Queenfish. I didn’t do much workout during the last month so the fish almost got me, but no way I’ll let go this beauty. I kept fighting with the fans cheering behind me (Captain Hisham and Martin), I fought for about 15-20min, at the end I had my hands on it. It was a beautiful 12kg Queenfish.


Next Captain Hisham was targeting a Kingfish, and he knows very well where to find it, even though the season of Kingfish is almost done. He hocked another bait and went trolling with an eye in the Fish Finder. 30 minutes gone and we got two Barracuda’s. Not bad, but sorry we are here for the Kingfish. We throw the next bait and minutes after that “Fish On!!” we had a bite. Captain Hisham passed me the rod and I was fighting the fish, then we realized that it was a Kingfish. He was giving me instructions the whole time so that I don’t let go the fish “always keep the line tight, never let it lose” he kept saying. At the end I got this baby in and I took a good photo with it ?


The next fish in our list was the Cobia, one of the best fighters down there. We just run out of live bait. So we changed from using live bait to artificial lures. Captain Hisham went with small lures sensing it will be the best at this time to land a Cobia. And he was right again!! We spent around an hour trolling, then something big hits. What was it? It was a big Cobia. Captain Hisham was afraid that it would go if I handled the situation with this small lure, so I let him take care of it. After spending 30min fighting this beast he finally succeeded to bring it up (we almost lost it twice!).

At 11AM the wind started blowing and it was time to go back. What a day, 2 Queenfish, Kingfish, Cobia and a bunch of Baraccuda’s all in one day in a less than 4hrs trip, Amazing!! I must say that Captain Hisham is one of the best fishermen I met in my life. Captain Hisham provides all of the trips by himself. His trips include trolling, bottom fishing and Spearfishing. He is an expert in free diving and very famous to be the best skipper for spearfishing trips. You can book a fishing trip with him by visiting his charter boat profile here.



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