Fish Tales with Capt. Nauaman of Abu Dhabi

Like most men his age, he has a day job. But unlike most men his age who love fishing, he doesn’t have to wait for the holidays to use his tackle. Neither did he wait for retirement to get his own boat. That’s the beauty of having your own charter. And he takes full advantage by sharing the fun to others, even a few fish tales which he shares below.

Where were you born? Baghdad, Iraq

The place you consider as your hometown? Abu Dhabi, UAE

How did you become a fisherman? My father is a fisherman and I’ve been fishing with him since I was 5 years old.


How did Cristal Charter started? It started as a hobby in 2001 with a 17-foot boat. It became a 25-foot boat in 2007 and then the cost of this hobby become a burden. So I moved to a 31 feet boat in 2010 to enjoy the fishing and cover the expenses at the same time.

What is your favorite fishing technique? Hand line fishing


What is your favorite fish and why? Spangled emperor, easy to catch.

What is the biggest fish you caught in your life? Where was this and when? A Zebra shark that weights 30 KG in Sharjah, UAE back in 2008.

Have you ever fished in other cities or countries other than yours? How did those places compare to Abu Dhabi? I’ve fished in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Philippine, Ukraine but I’ve never found a more fun and nicer place to fish than in UAE. Maybe because I know more about the fishing techniques and fishing spots here than anywhere else.


What’s the best part of fishing in Abu Dhabi? Even if the weather is not good for fishing, you can go through the channels between the islands and spend a great day with a lot of fishing spots.

When is the best time go fishing in Abu Dhabi and the best fishing technique to use? Early morning before sunrise using fresh bait with hand line, there’s this amazing feeling when the fish touches the bait.


What’s your best fishing memory? Back in 2007, I went fishing with Capitan Abdullah Al Shamessi on his boat Aneed1. I cannot forget it, I caught the biggest barracuda in my life, almost 15 kg. I also caught more than 60 huge Yellow Snappers, each one between 3kg to 5kg.

What’s your worst fishing or sea experience? In 2010 I was having two old engines then we left to the sea and the both engines one after one damaged before we reach to Abu Dhabi and we call the coastguard. It took more than 15 hours in the hot weather before they found us.


There are people who genuinely love fishing. Would you consider yourself as one of them? Why or Why not? Yes! I cannot last out at sea without fishing. I’ll go trolling alone sometimes just to relax. I’ll take my boat out at night and just watch the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi from the sea. It makes me feel more comfortable before going home and going to work the next day.

thumb_13430_agentBoat_medium2Cristal charter offers 4 hours to 6 hours trip from 1,000 AED. It departs from Rainbow Marina in Abu Dhabi and carries up to 6 people. Click here to go fishing with Capt. Nauaman.