How to Plan Your Fishing Trip

Fishing is very exhilarating and refreshing. Be it with the family or with friends, fishing is the best time to enjoy and bond with your loved ones as you are out in the quiet ocean where all you have are the people with you in the boat.

However, going on a fishing trip without a proper planning will be like going on a drive in an unknown land without a map. Imagine reaching a fishing destination with no clue of the regulations there, no idea of the weather or the water conditions and of all, if you do not know the good spots in the water you can be all day in the ocean without a single catch. Now, I wouldn’t call that a great fishing vacation.

I am sure there might be many of you who would just pick any spot and go fishing in that spot with the fishing gear you like the most. This practice might not give the best results every time and hence it is advised to plan the trip in advance. It is always good to know about the place you are going to and be prepared for the situations that are likely to arise on such a trip. If you haven’t been on a fishing trip before and have no clue of where and how to begin. Look no further, we have done the homework for you and have come up with this planning guide that will help you in planning a successful and enjoyable fishing trip.

The Budget

When planning a fishing trip the first thing you will have to decide on is the budget that you are going to spend for this trip. This is a key factor that will decide the entire trip. It is based on the budget that you will be able to choose which place to go to and what kind of fishing to indulge in. Once this is decided, you can get to the next point and decide on the location.

The Location

The location selection depends on various factors. The time you want to spend on the trip and the activities that you would like to get involved in all has to be considered when deciding the destination. Next on the list is what species of fish are you planning to target. Going to a destination that is rich in Barracuda when what you are targeting is a Marlin will end up in no fun.

Once you have decided on the what fish to target, you can look for the destinations that are abundant in these species. But if you are in just for the fun of fishing and are not too keen on the species that you want to hunt then choosing the destination becomes a little easier. Close in on a destination and then find out all you can about the place before you visit it.

If you are planning on hiring a fishing charter then you get all the following information from them. Still to be on a safer side it is advised to do some research about the fishing destination that you have chosen for your fishing trip.

The things that you will have to look up and get a good understanding about are as follows:

Weather: You should have a good knowledge about the weather of your fishing destination. This will give you an idea of what precautions you should take when going to that place. You will know what kind of clothes and other accessories you should carry with you for the trip.

Fishing season: Getting a clear picture of the fishing season of your chosen location will always be handy as this will tell you what species of fish are present in the waters at the time of your trip. This will also give you a clue of what type of fishing gear to carry with you.

Tides and currents: The fishing depends on the tides. Getting a good idea about the tides in your fishing destination will be very beneficial. Many amateur anglers do not take heed of the tides and end up with very little or no catch at times. If you book an experienced charter boat the captain in it will be able to give you this information and take you out at the most conducive time.

Fishing species: Acquiring good knowledge of the type of fish that are found in the spot that you have decided to go fishing in is highly advised. This knowledge will help you decide the type of fishing method that has to be used. This will also keep you aware of the edible species in the waters and the ones that are to be avoided.

Fishing regulations: When going fishing in a foreign land or for that matter to even a familiar land, you have to have proper knowledge of the fishing regulations that govern that part of the land. It is always better to spend some time in understanding the rules of the place you are at than getting caught for violating a regulation that you didn’t know existed.

The Stay

If you are planning to go fishing to a distant place you sure have to find a place to camp when you are not in the ocean. After the fishing destination is decided, you can then ponder on where to stay when you reach your destination. Checking online or getting in touch with travel operators of that location can get you a good picture of the best places to stay at. After getting information on a certain place of lodging, make sure to check the place out on your own so that you don’t get tricked.

The Boat

If you are not renting a chartered boat and are venturing on your own, then you should have a boat that can accommodate you and your group. For saltwater fishing in a new land it is always recommended to go with an experienced angler so that you do not get stranded in the ocean and so that you get proper guidance to reach the perfect fishing spots in the area.

After making decisions on the the location, stay and the boat you can think on what all you should take on a fishing trip.

The Fishing Gear (fishing charters normally provide these)

This is a very obvious suggestion but yes you will need a flexible rod that is accompanied with a good quality reel. If you can find a rod that can be dismantled into three or four pieces it will be very handy to carry with you. Along with the rod and reel you should have a tackle box that is adequate in space and make sure that you always carry spare reel with you. This is because, when you are hunting large predatory fish or fishing near the reefs it is quite common that the reel would get stuck somewhere and get cut.

Bait and Tackle

When going fishing it is necessary that you carry different types of tackle as different fish species need different kinds of tackle to hook and reel them in. Make sure you have the right kind of tackle for the fish you are targeting. Bait fish are usually bought or they are caught from the ocean before heading on to the sport fishing location. Carrying rubber fish, hairy flies, jigs, spoons is always good as they have their own benefits and uses.

(When going fishing with a chartered boat the fishing gear will be provided)

Seasonal Clothing

Carrying warm clothes with you is a very good thing to do. It doesn’t matter if you are going during summer time or when the weather is very pleasant. The temperatures in the ocean will always be cooler than the land temperature. So carrying suitable clothes with you to protect you from the elements is a must. Make sure to carry a rain coat along to be prepared for any untimely showers.

Food and Water

Ascertain that you pack enough food and water with you before you set out on your fishing trip. To keep you both entertained and energetic carry snacks and drinks with you so that you do not lose out on energy when a big fish hooks in.


People can fall sick in the ocean very easily, even veteran anglers get sea sick at times. To ensure that your trip does not get ruined by nausea and weakness carry medicines that counteract sea sickness. Also carry antiseptics, bandages and a first aid kit. You never know when a hook can get stuck on your finger or you get scraped.

Also carry a good sunscreen and bug spray with you to keep your skin protected from the sun and small bugs.

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