galapagos islands

3 Recommended Boat Voyages

For many people boats are a way to see and explore the world. We all agree on this, but the problem is that we end up taking planes to our final destination, missing all the beautiful places that we could see on our way to there.

Here are 3 recommended boat voyages that you should consider to take now before tomorrow.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Being surrounded by limestone islands is just incredibe. There are more than 400 boats there ready to take you away on a tour. I personally prefer the evening tours.

Cruise _Halong_bay

Kerala Waters, India

Kerala is very known for its lakes and rivers. Do not hesitate to make it your next exotic destination if you fancy an old school wooden trip surrounded by palms! Oh and don’t forget your fishing net as you might be needing it!


Galapágos Islands, Ecuador

Want to swim with sea lions? Dreams come true here. The Galapágos Islands are almost 1,000 Km from Ecuador. The awesome part about this place is that you can get on live-abroad boats that can range from small yachts to super-sized cruise ships, where you can cruise from 3 days up to 20 days!

galapagos islands

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