Sebastian and the 200kg Tuna in Murcia, Spain

In 10th of June Sebastian Rusti booked a fishing trip in Murcia, Spain with Santa Cruz II charters using

A fly fisherman from Norway, first time in a deep sea fishing trip

This will be his first time to go deep sea fishing and it was scheduled on the 24th of July. During this trip he had the biggest fight in his entire life and caught a 200kg Yellowfin Tuna!! We interviewed him to know more about his amazing adventure, below is the story.

Sebastian is a 20 years Norwegian guy that works in IT and system networks. During his spare time he loves to enjoy fishing, especially fly fishing for Salmon and Trout in the Southern part of Norway. As he puts it “fishing is the best way to relax from the stress of work and life”.
In the 10th of June he decided to book a full day deep sea fishing trip in La Manga, Murcia during his summer vacation in Spain. He went online and googled “Fishing in La Manga” and he found fishfishme and Santa Cruz II boat profile. After reading some of the reviews, he decided to go ahead and make the booking, which he thought “was so simple and clear”.

The trip starts

The date of the trip comes and Sebastian with his four friends woke up early since the boat was located an hour away from their place. The group left home at 7am and eventually arrived at 9am and started the trip.

The captain decided to start with trolling until they reached their spots. After reaching the spot the captain dropped the anchor and shifted to bottom fishing. For the bottom fishing the target was Yellowfin Tuna using frozen sardine with a depth between 40-50m. The rods, reels and lines were big and prepared for a huge catch. Few minutes after stopping comes the first bite. It was a strong and fast fighter, after a 10min fight the fish was reeled in. It was a 10kg Black Skipjack Tuna.

The big fight
Just after that, one of the reels went crazy, the fish took more than 200m of line, “what’s happening”, Sebastian screamed. The captain shouting “it’s a big fish, it’s a big one!”.
Sebastian started to reel with tremendous effort. “The line didn’t look right”, the captain concluded. He realized that the fish moved around the anchor and things are starting to get complicated. Any mistake will cut the line and will let go this mighty catch. The captain decided to jump in the water and save the moment. He pulled up the anchor carefully, jumped in the water and released the line successfully! Back to action.
Once the anchor was up and the fish is released it started dragging the boat around the fight just got much harder. It took three persons to fight this monster. After a 30min fight, the fish surrendered.

At the end of the trip, Sebastian and friends took the Skipjack for dinner and left the Yellowfin for the captain since it’s impossible to fit it in their small car.

Sebastian landed a 200kg in his first deep sea trip, and looks forward for his next adventure. He is happy that is their to help him find his next destination knowing that we cover more than 20 destinations around the world. Are you ready for your fishing adventure?

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