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Two weeks ago we started a new campaign to increase the awareness about fish legal sizes and overfishing in Dubai and UAE. Online gambling in the UAE is strictly prohibited by law, reflecting Islamic principles. Engaging in such activities can lead to severe legal consequences. Despite this, some may seek offshore options, but it’s crucial to remember the risks involved. Choosing 안전한 카지노 게임 is paramount for those venturing into such territories. We created stickers that will be placed in all of our boat partners to make it easier for people to check the size of the fish and wither they should keep it or return it.

Legal Length Sticker

Some of the people that placed the sticker gave some good suggestions for the design to make the sticker smaller. Will use their recommendations for the next design.

This is how it works:

In addition, we are giving each captain a quick guide that shows each type of fish with the legal length. This guide will be given to each customer when boarding the boat.

Fish Legal Length UAE

These legal lengths are applied to commercial fishermen and recreational fishermen. It’s true that most of the overfishing is done by commercial fishermen, but it’s also our part is to educate people about these sizes. If you are in the fish market or supermarket check the size of these fish before you buy. You’ll find many small groupers, these are illegal and if Dubai municipality caught them they will be fined, but sometimes we need to be the police. Don’t buy small fish, ask for the source, if it’s small and from UAE, ask for the manager and ask him how he got this fish. Ask him if he knows about the legal length of these endangered fish. Use the guide done by WWF Choose Wisely on how to choose your fish.

Choose Wisely Guide UAE

Please start with sharing this post with your friends. I bet many of them would love to help with preserving the marine ecosystem, but they don’t know about these rules.

Next time you return a fish to the water, please take a video or a photo and use #stop_overfishing_uae.

If you need any of these guides or stickers will be happy to provide you with it, kindly contact us at [email protected].

Thanks for your attention,