The story behind fishfishme

Since I was a kid, I loved fishing. I used to go fishing with my uncle in his boat. When I grew up and went to college life becoming very busy, it was very hard to find a time to go fishing with my uncle. At that time I didn’t have any friends that owns a boat to take us for a fishing trip, so I stopped going fishing for a while.
After graduation, I started working in an investment company and after spending 3 years over there I got promoted and got a new office with a sea view. Everyday I watched the fishermen coming back from their long fishing day. I thought, what if we can swap jobs for a day or something? what if I asked to join them in a fishing trip? do they mind joining them if I paid them some money?

Boats in Kuwait

Shortly after getting these thoughts I got accepted in an MBA program at HKUST – Hong Kong. During this period I was super busy, but that didn’t stop me from searching about fishing in Hong Kong. I couldn’t find much and I failed to find a charter boat that can take us fishing. We ended up with an old lady that agreed to take us in a short trip in her wooden boat and she allowed us do some fishing while we are in the boat. The biggest fish we caught was smaller than my thumb!!
After Hong Kong, I moved to Barcelona, Spain to continue my MBA studies at ESADE business school. During this period I kept searching about fishing in Barcelona and on how to find a fishing trip. I didn’t find much as well, it was very hard to find a fishing charter boat.
Why it’s super hard to find a boat that can take me fishing? I had the same problem in Kuwait, Hong Kong and Spain!! Even if you find a charter boat website, usually the prices are hidden and many other information is not provided, thus you can’t really make a decision!! Why don’t we have a website that have all of the fishing charter boats around the world all in one place and make it super easy for everyone to book a fishing trip?! At this moment my brain light bulb was turned on, and was born.

Fishfishme logo

Fishfishme is an online platform that helps people find and book fishing charter boats around the world. We started back in June 2012 from our office in Kuwait (BTW we are moving our HQ to Dubai soon). Later my good friend and former MBA colleague Jose Gil Zafra joined me as a co-founder operating from our office in Malaga, Spain. In addition, remember my uncle, the guy who used to go fishing with me, he is currently one of our investors and our biggest fan ? We started immediately to ask charter boats to join our network, and now has more than 60 charter boat partners spread in more than 20 destinations around the world (Kuwait, Spain, Oman, South Africa, Costa Rica, Thailand and many other destinations).
Our mission is to cover the whole world and to help you go fishing wherever you are. Next time you plan a fishing trip, please let us know, we might be able to help ?

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