Top Fishing Photos of the Week (1st week of Aug)

Last week we started a competition with the best fishing photo of the week. There is no prize yet for the best photos, but we are planning to do so soon in the near future. People and captains sent their photos from all over the world. We choose the best photos for you.

1- By Khalid AlOmar from Kuwait

Fish type: Wahoo

Location: Seychelles

photo 4

2- By Captain Hisham

Fish type: Queenfish

Location: Sharjah, UAE

Captain Hisham

3- By Captain Marco
Fish type: Amberjack
Location: Montecarlo, Monaco

photo 2

4- By Captain Anthony
Fish type: Wahoo
Location: Dominican Republic

photo 1

5- By Captain Salim
Fish type: Mahi Mahi
Location: Muscat, Oman

photo 5

6- By Captain Enrique
Fish type: Black skipjack Tuna
Location: Murcia, Spain

photo 3

7- By Captain Borja
Fish type: Sunfish
Location: Getaria, Spain

photo 2

8- By Captain Toni
Fish type: Bluefin Tuna
Location: Majorca, Spain

photo 1

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