Top 5 Fish in UAE

Many people don’t know that Big Game Fishing exists in UAE. Here we ( team) list the top 5 fish you can find in UAE for Big Game Fishing:

1- Sailfish

Sailfish being released
Sailfish being released

The Sailfish is the fastest fish in the Sea and can be found in many places around the world including Fujairah. Dubai used to be one the best spots to go after Sailfish, but because of changes to the marine ecosystem in Dubai (mostly because of construction projects), the Sailfish has almost completely disappeared. Luckily anglers still can enjoy catching a Sailfish from Fujairah and other cities facing the Indian Ocean. There is no specific season to catch the Sailfish in Fujairah, it can be found anytime of a year. However, it is seen more often during summer time.

Check boats in Fujairah that might help you catch your next Sail.

2- Striped Marlin

Striped Marlin - Source:
Striped Marlin – Source:

Similar to the Sailfish, the Striped marlin is one of the trophy fish. It’s smaller in size than the Blue and black marlin, but still have the stamina and strength of a billfish. Striped marlins are rarely seen, but sometimes they come together and charter captains can catch a couple in a week. The best captains that have the equipment and experience to go after the striped marlin are Yellowfin charters.

3- Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna is the second most wanted type of Tuna in the world after the famous Bluefin Tuna. They start showing mid of April or May and you need to charter far to get to them. The best Captain that can take you for the Tuna is Alghawas, with Captain Abdullah (Bo Omar), chartering from Kalba very close to Fujairah. His cousins are all fishermen and he is one of the few that know where these fish are located because let’s say he have a good network.

4- Dorado

One of the most famous photos taken of Calvin with Dorado
One famous photo taken of Captain Calvin of Yellowfin boats with a Dorado

We love this fish, it’s beautiful, acrobatic, fast and tasty. What do you want on a fish more than that? And the best part it’s abundant in Fujairah. If you never caught a Dorado then you need to book your trip now and enjoy catching this amazing fish and probably have it for lunch the same day. The Dorado season starts on Mid April and lasts until December, depending on the weather.

5- Amberjack


Amberjack is the favorite fish for Jigging fishermen. It is big and strong. If you don’t know how to do jigging then you should give it a try, jigging is one of the reasons that fishing is called a sport not just a hobby. Japanese people are masters at this and they come from Japan just to do jigging in Fujairah. You should give it a try if you are a fishing enthusiast. There is no specific season for the Amberjack, just lots of work and big biceps.

If you are looking to do Big Game Fishing in UAE check the charters available in Fujairah at Also you can always call us at +971-800-Fishing if you need any assistance.