Top Eleven Fishing Apps

Top Eleven Mobile Apps for Fishing

As the fishing season commences many of you will be preparing yourself for your day of fishing. It doesn’t really matter if you are a newbie to fishing or an experienced angler. You will need your share of practice. But in this hectic world you might hardly get any time for that kind of practice. But there are a good number of mobile apps that will help you in training and preparing yourself for your fishing expedition. We at tried to list the top eleven mobile apps for fishing. Listed below in random order.

1. Wind Finder

Top eleven fishing apps

When you are planning to go into the great waters of the ocean you better be prepared about the winds as they can make your day or do the opposite. The Winder Finder app is a great mobile app to have handy as it brings you real time observations of 30000 locations from 13000 different weather stations worldwide. You will get accurate information on wind speed and direction, clouds, air temperature, air pressure, precipitation, wave height, period and direction. This is a must have app to keep you posted of the latest weather conditions for a better fishing experience in the sea.

2. FishBrain

Top Eleven Fishing Apps

FishBrain’s slogan is Log, Analyse and Share. When you log into it on a real time basis it will start analysing the fishing technique you use and give you answers to which is the best technique that should be used to catch different species of fish. You can share your catch details with your friends and even see your friends’ catches and get inspired. This app helps you to follow pro anglers, where and what they fish and what methods they use as well. Fishbrain collects huge amounts of data, analyses it and creates answers for your questions related to fishing. This is one of the best apps to log your fishing trip details.

3. Marines Tides Planner

Top Eleven Fishing Apps

If you are a seasoned fisherman or not you sure know that tides affect the fishing expeditions a lot. To keep a track on the tides you can use the Marines Tide Planner app. This amazing app gives you details about tides, their depths, the currents, the sunrise and sunset times, the moon phases, everything you need to know at your finger tips. Another interesting fact about this app is that it doesn’t need a connection as it has its own database. So sit back and relax, now that you know the turf where you are going fishing.

4. Orvis Fly Fishing

Top Eight Fishing appsThis Fly Fishing app developed by Orvis promises to deliver “Everything about fly fishing in one place”. From animated fishing knots that teaches you more than 20 different types of fly-tying knots. To a guide to purchase the fishing license of a state that explains all the regulations and rules.

It even educates you of the most common casting mistakes and guides you to casting the common fly patterns. With the Orvis Fly Fishing app you will get fishing news, and the podcast will answer almost all of your questions regarding fly fishing. Join their facebook and discuss anything related to fly fishing and become an expert in fly fishing with Orvis Fly Fishing app.

5. Animated Fishing Knots

Top eight fishing appsAnimated Fishing Knots from J. E. Sherry Company is one the best fishing knot training apps available for mobiles. It teaches you to tie various fishing knots with animated illustrations. It also includes the picture of the finished knot and describes its various uses as well. In addition to fishing knots it also has two separate instructions on how to remove hooks as well. So, in short you can become an expert in Fishing knots with Animated Fishing Knots.

6. Fishin’ Guy Deluxe with Henry Waszczuk

Top eight fishing appsFishin’ Guy Deluxe is an amazing mobile app that helps you search for fishing hot spots when you want them. It allows you to review and compare various fishing resorts and lodges so that you can get the best for your needs. It is also included with information on numerous fish species so that you can get to know everything you need about them.

This unique app will also guide you in searching for the charter boats and over 2000 videos just in the palm of your hands.

7. IGFA Mobile

Top eight fishing appsFrom the house of International Game Fish Association here comes a mobile app for all you fishing enthusiasts. This app is a must have by anglers as it automatically updates its database of the new IGFA records and rules, helps you plan your trips with the trip planning list. The IGFA species ID feature will allow you to identify your catch and it will also log your catches for future references. You can track down the nearest IGFA official weigh station (so that you measure your catch among the world’s best) and an IGFA Captain and do many more interesting stuff with this app.

8. WFN Fishing Log

Top eight fishing appsThis app from World Fishing Network assures to provide the platform to store details of your catches. You can store the species names, size of your catch, the location from where you caught it, the date when you caught and even the weather and the gear used to catch your fish. All of these details will ensure that your fishing story is established with facts.

9. Ufindfish

Top eight fishing appsCanadian Sportfishing Productions Inc created the Ufindfish that uses GPS or Google Maps to locate Pro Angler hot spots in real time and fish in the most preferred locations. You can log in the details of your catch and share it with your friends as well. With the Ufindfish app you can keep track of your personal hot spots and make sure to reach the exact spots in a future time. It also has a dedicated YouTube channel. This app is compatible with both android and iPhone.

10. iFish

Top eight fishing appsiFish is an app developed by Apps for Anglers promises to inform you of where, when and how to fish in a lake near you. This app has been customised for various regions and you can choose the one that most precisely meets your region. This app will give you information of the various hot spots in that particular location and help you fish in the best spots. It also tells you about the depth of the water, the weather and also informs you of the fishing season of various fishing destinations. It will give you directions to these fishing spots.

11. Isolunar Hunting and Fishing times

Top eight fishing appsProduct of the RedSnake Enterprises, Isolunar Hunting and Fishing Times is a great companion to have during your fishing and hunting expeditions. This app has been designed for the iPhone and it uses the GPS to pinpoint your exact location even on the go. This feature will not only locate where you are but it will also tell you the peak feeding season and activity times of the fish and other animals for the game. It is capable of calculating the local sunrise and sunset times and is designed in such a way that it works worldwide.