Top Fishing Spots in the World for Marlin

Let’s talk about Marlin. This is one fish that has left me stunned like thousands of other sport fishermen around the world. It is one of the most magnificent Big Game fish and one with the most grandeur. The firm and strong body, the powerful bill and that dictatorial attitude all make these fish the definitive celebrity of the sportfishing realm.

The Marlin is that fish that is often seen in magazines and picture walls of the wealthy. With numbers painted over their bodies showing off their lofty weights, these fish are definitely the ultimate prize for a deep sea sport fisherman. Another fact about Marlin fishing is that it is one of the most expensive since it has been estimated that money spent on Marlin fishing is much more than what is spent on fishing for other species.

If you have ever fished for a Marlin you would know that it is not child’s play. Once hooked to a Marlin it is hours of muscle numbing, back breaking work. And after these long hours of toil if you succeed in landing the beast, your excitement will know no bounds and the aching muscles will be forgotten in a jiffy.

For all those ardent Marlin fans I have tried to sum up a list of some of the world’s top Marlin fishing spots with some expert guidance from Captain Calvin and Bobby of the Yellowfin Boat. Captain Calvin is an IGFA certified charter Captain with over 6 years experience in professional fishing. Online casino games offer a delightful distraction during fishing trips, providing entertainment between casts. With a 안전카지노, anglers can enjoy various games, from slots to poker, while waiting for bites. It adds excitement and relaxation to the fishing experience, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable trip for all.

Strewn across the globe you will find awesome spots from Australia to Kona, Hawaii.

Top Fishing Spots in the World for Marlin
Top Marlin Fishing Spots
Marlin fishing Season across the Top Marlin Fishing Destinations
Marlin fishing seasons in the Top Destinations

1. Cape Verde

The best place on earth to go Marlin fishing according to veteran fisherman Captain Calvin is Cape Verde. Cape Verde is a group of 10 volcanic islands on the North Atlantic Ocean. The islands of Sal, Santo Antao and Sao Vicente are considered to be the best among these group of islands for Blue Marlin fishing. The months spanning from March to November is considered to be the Marlin fishing season in the archipelago with a peak in numbers and sizes of Marlins during the period from June to September.

2. Kenya

Another location in the sub continent of Africa is Kenya that is an awesome Marlin fishing destination. Owing to very rich feeding grounds in the Indian Ocean near Malindi a town on the eastern coast of Kenya you can find great fishing spots.

The best time to go fishing here for the three most sought after Marlins, the Blue, Black and the Striped; is during the period between the months of January and March.

3. Cairns, Australia - Blue Marlin, Top Marlin Fishing Spots If it is the ‘Black gold’, the Black Marlin that you are after then Cairns on the north eastern edge of Australia is probably the best place to fly to. A huge number of giant female Black Marlins are found in these waters since this is a well known breeding ground for the Black giants.

The best time of the year to go Black Marlin fishing in Cairns is between September and December.

4. Kona, Hawaii

A popular Marlin fishing spot since the 1960, Kona in Hawaii is a great spot to land the mighty Pacific Blues, as they are addressed. Over a stretch of 50 years more than 75 Marlins weighing over 450 kg have been landed off the coasts of Kona, these numbers do not take into account any Marlin that was released.

Though you can catch a Marlin from Kona any time of the year it is said that it is during the summer months from April to September are the best since it during this period that larger fish are found the Hawaiian waters.

5.Madeira, Portugal - Marlin fishing, Top Marlin destinations

A very promising spot for Marlins in the Northern Atlantic Ocean is Madeira, the Portuguese island. The peak season of the Blue Marlins keep changing in Madeira, but it never ends. Some of the charter Captains who have fished these Atlantic waters claim that out of every 10 Marlin caught 1 will weighs beyond 450 kg (1000 pounds).

The best months of the year to go on Marlin fishing from Madeira are from May to August. Though, this is the routine season, the Marlin season also creeps into September once in a while over the years. Hire your charter boat after verifying the current fishing season with them before you set forth on your journey.

6. Puerto Rico Fishing Puerto Rico

The Caribbean Sea is also a great place to go looking for Blue Marlins during the summers. The island of Puerto Rico is the next fishing destination that I want to talk about. San Juan in Puerto Rico, with the longest running Billfish Tournament is definitely very popular when it comes to Billfish tournaments. One interesting fact about Marlin fishing in Puerto Rico is that it is not San Juan that gets the best Marlin bites, but another spot Mayaguez located in the western coast of Puerto Rico facing the Dominican Republic.

7. Panama

We have talked enough about Blue Marlin and where they can be fished from. Now let’s take a look at the Black Marlin and one of the most lucrative spots for Black Marlin fishing. It is not for no reason that Panama is ranked among the top fishing destinations around the world.

If you are targeting Black Marlins, there is no place better than Panama in the northern hemisphere. The period between January and April is the best time to try some luck at Black Marlin fishing in Panama. As the rains come down, the Black Marlin fishing slows down or rather shifts further offshore and the Blue Marlin and Striped Marlin fishing picks up.

8. Bermuda - Marlin fishing, Top Marlin Fishing Destinations

Bermuda is another place in the globe that has been acclaimed as one of the best spots for Blue Marlin fishing. Bermuda has been witness to two of the most heaviest Blue Marlin catches throughout the World Cup Blue Marlin Championship.

The Blue Marlins, especially the large females wander into these waters during the summers. They stay here all through the summer, making the summer months the best season for Marlin fishing. It is the months from May to September that the giant Blue Marlins are seen and caught off the waters of Bermuda.

9. Brazil - Marlin fishing Top Marlin Fishing Destinations

Brazil if the next on the list. The Canavieiras on the eastern coast of Brazil and facing the South Atlantic Ocean is the best place in Brazil for reeling in a Marlin. There are two fishing seasons in Brazil for the Marlin. October to November large numbers of Marlins, both male and female are found in the South Atlantic Ocean off the Brazilian coast. And during the months of January, February and March giant Marlins, though few in number are seen in these Brazilian waters. The fish found during the latter season weigh around 450 to 480 kg.

11. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is perhaps one of the best places to go fishing for Marlins. Striped Marlins are very abundant in these deep waters during the months from September to March. If it is the Blue and the Black Marlins that you would prefer to target, then the months from June to October is the best time to reach this spot on the southern tip of the Baja peninsula.

Our professional fishing charter partners will help you reach the perfect spots off the Mexican coasts.

12. Mozambique

Situated on the western coast of the African subcontinent is Mozambique, another beautiful country where you can find amazing Marlin fishing destinations. Captains of professional charter boats operating in Mozambique inform that the period between September and December is the best time for catching Black Marlins of huge sizes. But, if you do not mind reeling in Marlins of smaller sizes, then you can fish in Mozambique all year round.

Special Thanks:

Captain Calvin from South Africa, is a veteran fisherman and an IGFA certified charter skipper, Captain Calvin keeps himself updated of the various developments in the sportfishing arena. He has been fishing the waters of Fujairah, UAE for over 6 years now and we consider him one of the best skippers one can find to go fishing with.

We would like to earnestly thank him and Bobby for taking their time out in helping us create this ultimate list of some of the best Marlin destinations of the world.


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