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Top Ten Sailfish Destinations in the World

What do you think of landing the fastest fish in the world? I am sure you are searching for a word to explain that. It sure is going to be a once in a lifetime moment. The Sailfish are one of the most enticing species of billfish. The elusiveness, the lightning speed and the adamant attitude of the Sailfish has amazed fishermen since the first days of fishing.

There are quite a few destinations all around the world that provide great Sailfish action. A great piece of information for all those Sailfish lovers is that you can be at the right spot and at the right time when it comes to spotting and landing a Sailfish. These fish swim in schools and migrate to different waters at certain times of the year. For all those ardent fans of Sailfishing, here is a list of the Top Ten Sailfish destinations in the word.

1. Thailand

Fishfishme - Sailfishing in Phuket

Thailand is one of the forerunners in terms of the best fishing spots in the world. Fishermen from all over the world fly to this island in the Andaman Sea to indulge in world class sportfishing.

All through the year one will be able to find the Pacific Sailfish in the waters of Phuket however, if you are a die hard fanatic who is hell bent on landing a Sailfish when in Thailand, the monsoon months from June to August is the best time to be there. Staying and fishing in Thailand is great since they have a wonderful line of fishing charter boats and some awesome resorts.

Go Sailfishing in Phuket and once you have landed some good fish you can retreat to your cozy hotel rooms or resorts and enjoy some exotic Thai food. Now, that’s an excellent way to spend a vacation!

2. Florida Keys

Fishfishme - Sailfishing in Florida Keys

Another one of the top sportfishing destinations that is replete with large varieties of big game fish species is Florida Keys. This fishing spot that lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico is a haven for Big Game Fishing lovers.

You can find umpteem numbers of experienced fishing captains in Florida Keys who have well equipped boats that can take you out fishing for one of the most mysterious sportfish in the world. The winter months are the best to go to Florida Keys to fish out a Sail. In Florida Keys there are several great spots to fish in and hence it is going to be all the more exciting if you are a fan of the run and gun style of fishing.

In short, when everything falls in place you can get close to 20 to 30 bites a day. Excited already? Book your trip now!

3. Costa Rica

Fishfishme - Sailfishing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica bordered by the Pacific on the west is yet another hot fishing spot in the world. Sailfish migrates in large numbers to the Costa Rican Pacific coast making it one of the most prolific Sailfish destinations of the West.

The best thing about Sailfishing in Costa Rica is that the water here is surprisingly calm and numerous Sailfish are found near the shore. On top of all this if you hire a professional charter captain you can be sure to land not just one but “MANY” Sailfish in a single trip.

So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your boat now for Costa Rica.

4. Mexico

Fishfishme - Sailfishing in Mexico

The news of the big Sailfish bite in Isla Mujeres dates back to the mid 90s, but the fishing in this part of the world hasn’t changed much since then. The Sails still bite at the rate of 30 to a whooping 100 per day. Now, what can beat that?

During the spring, the charter captains travel to the south where the Sailfish are found in hefty numbers feeding on sardines. Apart from having a world class Sailfish population, Isla Mujeres is an awesome vacation spot to spend with family. You will not find cars apart from taxis on this Isla which makes the place all the more alluring and unique.

Book a charter boat in Mexico here & get in on the action.

5. Panama

Fishfishme - Sailfishing in Panama

Did you know Panama has some of the biggest Sailfish records in the world? This is mostly because the waters around Panama provide a rich source of food to the Sails and help them grow big. Moreover, Sailfish can be caught off Panama any time of the year but well experienced anglers assert that the time between December and April is the best time to fish for Sails in Panama.

Sailfishing in Panama is made more effective by authentic Panama Strip Bait. These strip baits show amazing results as the Sailfish attack the baits multiple times till they get hooked. Another impressive fact about Sailfishing in Panama is that the fish are found as close as 100 yards from the shore. Find your fishing charter now. It doesn’t get better than this!

6. Australia

Fishfishme - Sailfishing in Exmouth, Australia

In Western Australia, with borders in the Indian Ocean lies Exmouth, one of the most diverse and grand fishing destinations on the entire planet. The Ningaloo reef supplies a perfect ecosystem that provides all that is needed to sustain a diverse marine life. It is said that the Sailfish flock to these waters in huge numbers that fishermen go fly fishing for them.

In this part of the world you can be sure to find charter boats with world class equipment and knowledgeable captains who can help you engage in one of the best fishing experiences of your life. Don’t forget, the best fishing season for the Sailfish in Exmouth is from October to December.

Find a fishing charter boat in Australia here.

7. Mozambique

Fishfishme - Sailfishing in Mozambique

The winter months starting from July till September are the best to go Sailfishing in Mozambique. But the fact is, if you have some luck on your side and a good fishing charter captain with you catching a Sailfish is possible all year through.

10 to 15 strikes a day is an average at which Sailfish takes bait in Mozambique. This is done using dead bait trolling and live bait pitch baiting.

8. Guatemala

Fishfishme - Sailfishing in Guatemala

Of all the fishing destinations in the world Guatemala is by far the best for Sailfish fishing. This is because even on a slow day the strike rate of Sails averages on 10 to 15 bites per day. It is during the winter months that huge Sailfish swim to these waters in large numbers.

One of the anglers who has been fishing in these waters for sometime now recently celebrated his 5,000 billfish catches and that too on a fly. To catch a Pacific Sailfish there is no better place than Guatemala.

9. Malaysia

Fishfishme - Sailfishing in Kuala Rompin, Singapore

Kuala Rompin in Malaysia near Singapore is a less known Sailfish destination that has had 7 Sailfish catches on a day by pitch baiting with water plugs. The Sailfish can be caught off these waters any time of the year. But like in all other spots they have a best Sailfish season that falls between the months of March and September. This is the summer season when the monsoon hits Singapore.

There are professional charter captains here who have released over 5000 Sailfish from this Sailfishing destination. Find a charter in Malaysia here.

10. South Florida

Fishfishme - Sailfishing in South Florida

In South Florida, the region between North Miami Beach and Fort Pierce is known as the “Sailfish Alley”. This area is the Sailfish zone come winter. As the cold currents flow down from the north, large numbers of Sailfish are brought with them to the Gulf Stream. And since the Gulf Stream is not far from the shore, Sailfishing becomes more accessible.

On the south end, live baiting and kite fishing is more popular and effective as more numbers of Sailfish are found here. As you go north the numbers begin to lessen as the fish are found scattered all through the water, here anglers prefer to troll with dead baits. Despite Sailfish can be found all year through the best months are the winter months as mentioned earlier and precisely, the months from December to March. On an average 20 bites are got when the north wind keeps blowing.

To get some Sailfish action during the winters, there is no better place than South Florida.