Top fishing TV shows

Top fishing TV shows in the world, sselected by fishfishme

Top Fishing TV Shows

We at love fishing TV shows, but there are thousands of shows about fishing, which ones are the best. Many teach you how to go fishing with tips and tricks of the game. Then there are those shows that showcase the meanest and strongest of the fish. You will get a glimpse of the adventurous side of sportfishing and the fun involved in it. Here is a list of the top five fishing shows that we think bring out the best and most daring of pursuits made in fishing.


The Ultimate Fishing Show – Matt Watson

The Ultimate Fishing Show or the ITM fishing show is an extreme sport fishing television programme of New Zealand that features the stunt fisherman Matt Watson. This fishing fanatic has been named the Gannet man after his insanely brave act of catching a Marlin with his bare hands by jumping from a helicopter. Other than by jumping from helicopters, the most popular ways that Matt likes to go after his Marlins are on jet skiis and surfboards.

It has to be mentioned that Matt began all this on a low budget on his own with the aim of bringing the idea of awesomeness of game fishing to general people who never liked or knew much about the game. Now, Matt Watson’s show is aired on channels like the Animal Planet and Discovery which brags the success of the show.

Extreme Fishing with Robson Green

This show which has the actor Robson Green hosting it is broadcasted on Channel 5. Robson Green is seen travelling around the world in search of the best fishing destinations. This fishing enthusiast makes sure that he gets to any and every destination to catch the best and biggest specimen he has ever caught.

The new spin-off series has been launched recently known as Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge. Here take a look.

World fishing network

The World Fishing Network that is commonly known as WFN is a specialty channel that broadcasts programmes related to fishing and sportfishing. With a series of shows on fishing World Fishing Network brings you everything you want to know about fishing. Other than sport fishing it also brings to you some of the most exclusive videos on the bold and brutal ways of the marine life. Here take a look at how these killer whales pursue and hunt down a blue whale multiple times their size.

Wicked Tuna National Geographic

Wicked Tuna is a TV series aired on National Geographic channel. It showcases a group of fearless Tuna fishermen from Massachusetts who battle the odds at sea to catch one of the most hard fighting fish, the Bluefin Tuna. You can see the various kinds of obstacles they come against from the nature or from themselves.

These fishermen are chasing fish that can easily swim over 40 mph and reach weights of 900 kg. Watch, as these men reel in these big monsters using just a rod and a reel.

Addictive Fishing

A TV series that is all about the fun of fishing. Capt Blair Wiggins a professional fishing guide and Kevin McCabe together created this series that shows Blair travelling around and fishing the waters for various species of game fish. He is an energetic host who will keep you glued to your couches for 30 minutes while you watch his Addictive Fishing Series.

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