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    Destination Greece, Thessaloniki

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    Map data ©2021
    Map data ©2021

    Greece, is definitely one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. The historical places, the sunny beaches and the City of Athens are some of the most visited places in Greece. The City of Thessaloniki is the capital of Macedonia and the second largest city of Greece and it is known as one of the best party cities of the world. With a large number of young residents, this Grecian city is also popular as the “Greek Youth Capital” and this is one of the foremost reasons that this city has a very lively pulse and mood. This city is good for not just the vibrant nightlife but also for its natural beauty and various historical monuments. Some of the examples of the rich and ancient history of Thessaloniki are the Byzantine monuments, the White tower (most famous landmark of the city), Ottoman monuments, museums and many more.
    When in Thessaloniki you will get to witness and experience various cultural and commercial festivals such as the The International Book Fair in May, the International Thessaloniki Film Festival in November and the Thessaloniki International Fair in September.
    Apart from all these interesting aspects of the city another most alluring facet of the city of Thessaloniki is that it is a great sport fishing destination. Thessaloniki has its coasts on the Aegean Sea that is a part of the Mediterranean Sea and hence is replete with a diverse variety of marine life. Sportfish species like the Bluefin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Greater Amberjack, Grouper, Swordfish, Barracuda and many more are found in abundance in the waters off the coast of Thessaloniki.


    The geographical positioning of Thessaloniki bordering the Mediterranean and near the Aegean Sea has blessed it with a desirable Mediterranean climate for most part of the year. The summers in Thessaloniki sees average temperatures between 23 to 25 degree Celsius. But unlike Athens the temperature does not soar up to 40 degree Celsius however, 30 degree Celsius is not uncommon.The Winter season between the months of December and February is the time when the city witnesses the continental climate. The average time during this period range from 5 to 7 degree Celsius and during certain very bad wintry days the temperature drops to even -10 degree Celsius. The Autumn and Spring seasons see milder climates with frequent rainfalls that increases as the winters get close.

    Top 4 fish

    Bluefin Tuna

    Bluefin Tuna

    The Bluefin Tuna is a dream fish of any and every big game fishing angler. These are the biggest of all the tunas and are renowned for their strength, power, speed and vigor. They are fast and powerful and when they get hooked to your line then you will have no second to spare. These fish pull hard and by the time you land one of these sea monsters you will be left with aching muscles but also with a feeling of great accomplishment. Bluefin Tuna can grow to gigantic sizes of 3.7 m in length and can weigh over 670 kg. That again one of the reasons that they are so sought after as a game fish.

    Where to find Bluefin Tuna in Thessaloniki?

    The Bluefin Tuna can be spotted in  the Mediterranean waters near Thessaloniki all year through however, the best season for Bluefin fishing is during the months spanning from October to December.

    How to fish for Bluefin Tuna in Thessaloniki?

    Since Tuna is a fast moving fish, the best method that is used to land them is trolling. Baits like small feather jigs, live baits are used and drifting with dead baits like sardines is also common.



    The Swordfish is a legendary fish of the sportfishing realm. They have a sword like bill that is longer and broader than the bill of all other billfish. This feature has fetched them the name of broadbill. These fish are big, strong, fast and to make things more challenging, they are elusive. The Swordfish can move at speeds of 97 kph in water and can grow as long as 4.5 m and can weigh as heavy as 650 g.Anglers who wish to reel in a Swordfish have to be very patient as these Swords are very shy and they easily get frightened by approaching boats. Another characteristic of the Swordfish that increases the challenge of landing them is that they prefer to stay in deeper waters and rise to the surface to feed only during the night.

    Where to find Swordfish in Thessaloniki?

    The fishing season of the great Swordfish starts in the month of April off the coasts of Thessaloniki and extends till late September. Among these months the best season for Swordfish fishing is July to September. If the Swordfish is your sole target then this is the time to get to Thessaloniki for some Swordfish action.

    How to fish for Swordfish in Thessaloniki?

    As mentioned earlier, the Swordfish is a shy fish and stays in the deep waters during the day and since they are fish that do not swim in schools it is all the more difficult to spot them during the day. The most common and the most successful method used to fish for Swordfish by sporting anglers is night drifting. Using dead or live squids as bait has proven to be very successful.



    The Greater Amberjack is another favorite fish among the big game fish found in Thessaloniki. It is the largest fish among the jacks and is the most powerful. The Greater Amberjacks can grow huge and can weigh over 70 kg. They are fast, aggressive, strong and they fight hard. These are the main characteristics that has earned them such a position in sportfishing. When an Amberjack is hooked it usually plummets to the bottom making it difficult to reel them in. Most of the time when an Amberjack gets hooked and is brought to the surface other amberjacks schooling with it tend to come to the surface following the first fish.

    Where to find Amberjack in Thessaloniki?

    The months from late May to September is considered to be the best time to fish for Greater Amberjacks from Thessaloniki.

    How to fish for Amberjack in Thessaloniki?

    Since the Amberjack is found in surface waters, trolling with surface baits and lures is the best method to fish for Greater Amberjacks. Some anglers also prefer to use live baiting to land these jacks.



    The Grouper is the most sought after bottom fish by sporting anglers. The Grouper is the perfect bottom fish that dwells in the deep bottoms of the sea. They grow huge and renowned worldwide for their flesh. The Groupers are predatory fish, but they do not move fast. They prefer to ambush their prey rather than pursuing them. These fish can grow as long as 2.5 m and can weigh more than 300 kg. They are often fished for their size and their flesh.

    Where to find Grouper in Thessaloniki?

    The months ranging from April to September see Grouper action in Thessaloniki however, it is during the months of April, May and June that the best Groupers are caught off the coasts of Thessaloniki.

    How to fish for Grouper in Thessaloniki?

    Bottom fishing and slow trolling are the best methods that can be used to land a Grouper. Once a Grouper is hooked you should make sure to reel it fast from its surroundings to prevent it from running into one of its caves, if it succeeds in finding a shelter then that fish is as good as gone.

    Fishing Season in Thessaloniki
    - Excellent- Good- Fair
    • - Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
    • - Jul
    • - Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Dec
    Bluefin Tuna
    • - Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Dec
    • - May, Jun, Oct, Nov
    • - Jul, Aug, Sep
    • - Sep, Oct, Nov
    • - Aug
    • - Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Dec
    • - Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
    • - Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Nov, Dec
    Red Snapper
    • - Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

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