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    Destination Italy, Sardinia

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    Walk through the white sandy beaches where lush green mountains meet the calm turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian sea. Or get on a boat and go fishing for some exotic game fish.
    Sardinia is a beautiful Italian island situated in the Mediterranean Sea. Blessed with a long coastline of over 1800 km and adorned by white beaches bordered by turquoise hued waters all around, Sardinia is definitely a place where you can retreat to when the busy life of the mainland gets to you.
    The fact that Sardinia has such an extensive coastline is one of the foremost reasons that fishing enthusiasts from all over the world come looking for this destination to engage in Big Game fishing.
    In Sardinia one can find something for everyone. The Costa Smeralda on the norther n end of Sardinia provides all the glitter and pomp of high life, whereas towards the south unspoilt and empty beaches can be found. From refreshing waterfalls and lakes to magnificent mountain ranges that give way to stunning visuals of the island can all be seen in Sardinia.
    When in Sardinia, relish in the local wines and exotic Sardinian cuisine. Indulge in relaxing activities like horse riding, different kinds of water sports and games of golf and tennis.


    Sardinia enjoys a Mediterranean climate along the coast and plains. Over the mountain ranges and interior plateaus a continental climate is experienced. The summer months from May to October are pleasant with a hot and dry climate. The geographical positioning of Sardinia calls for some occasional breezes. Thus the coasts will see mild winters and hot summers and the interior mountains will see cold winters and cool summers.The winter months see a good amount of sunshine and hence are mild. During the months of March and April the days can get hot and the evenings will be cooler. All in all, Sardinia is a splendid place to spend some quality time relaxing and keeping away from the chaotic schedules of day to day life.

    Top 4 fish

    Bluefin Tuna

    Bluefin Tuna

    The Bluefin Tuna is a legendary fish that has allured fishermen from all walks of life. People travel to far off places just to get a glimpse of these water giants and try their luck at landing these magnificent creatures of the ocean.The Bluefin Tuna are the largest of the Tuna species and are known to reach lengths of 3.7m and weigh over 650 kg. Once hooked, a Bluefin can fight for long hours before you can get the fish close to the boat and land it. They do not tire easily and once hooked, they tend to dive deep into the ocean making it even more difficult to reel them.

    Where to find Bluefin Tuna in Sardinia?

    Bluefins begin to appear in the Tyrrhenian sea by the beginning of May and can be spotted here till late October. They begin to appear from the southwestern regions and begin to move towards the north as the months go by. By the end of September the Bluefins will enter the Ligurian sea on the north of Sardinia.

    How to fish for Bluefin Tuna in Sardinia?

    You can land a Bluefin Tuna by trolling with baits like squid, sardine and other small fish found where the Bluefins feed. Drifting with live and dead baits or using feather jigs can also help you lure and land a Bluefin.These techniques will vary depending on the charter captain you fish with, so make sure to check with your captain what is the best method for the spot he takes you to.



    The Amberjack is also inhibits the waters of the Tyrrhenian sea during the summer months. These fish are the largest species in the family of the jacks and are renowned worldwide for their stunning sportive qualities. The Amberjacks are fast, they strike the line with lightning speed. Speed is not the only thing that make this species fascinating, they are also strong and have great stamina.Another aspect that adds up and makes the Amberjack the perfect sportfish is that it can grow to huge sizes. An adult Amberjack can grow over 2m in length and weigh more than 70 kg.

    Where to find Amberjack in Sardinia?

    As the waters begin to warm up, the Amberjacks begin to move towards the Tyrrhenian sea. By the month of May you can begin to fish for Amberjacks off the coasts of Sardinia. The Amberjack fishing season will last till late October.

    How to fish for Amberjack in Sardinia?

    The Amberjacks are fish that prefer to stay near the surface and hence spotting them is comparatively easier than some other sportfish species. Surface trolling is the method that is most commonly adopted by fishermen to land the Amberjack.One interesting facet of Amberjack fishing is that, when one fish is hooked and brought to the surface the others follow and thus increases the chances of more Amberjack fishing.



    Found closer to the bottom of the sea, the Grouper is yet another Big Game fish that is highly prized by ardent sportfishing fans. These bottom dwelling fish are considered to be the most classic bottom fish of all. They are slow predators that love to ambush their prey.The Groupers are colored in such a way that they camouflage easily with the sea bed and thus remain unseen by the prey. The Grouper is a very strong fish and they can grow to enormous sizes. One of the largest Groupers ever caught recorded a whooping 308 kg.

    Where to find Grouper in Sardinia?

    It doesn’t matter what time of the year you travel to Sardinia, for you can fish out a Grouper anytime from the Tyrrhenian waters. The months between March and December however see a rise in the Grouper population and sizes and hence it is considered the best time for Grouper fishing.

    How to fish for Grouper in Sardinia?

    Bottom fishing or rather bottom trolling is the best method that is used to land Groupers. Anglers use both live baits and cut baits to lure the Grouper.



    The Dentex prefers to stay in deep waters closer to the sea bed most of the time and hence is difficult to hook. Unlike the Grouper which is also a bottom fish, the Dentex is fast predator. It is a voracious predator and has an inkling to attack anything in motion. They have very strong jaws and some of the large adults will have a hump of sorts on their head.These fish are great fun to catch as they are lively and can put up good fight. They can grow to around 1m in length and can weigh close to 16 kg.

    Where to find Dentex in Sardinia?

    The Dentex, like the Tuna prefers warmer water and hence they can be found in the Tyrrhenian sea around Sardinia by the onset of summer. The summer months of April to late September are considered a good time to look for Dentex.

    How to fish for Dentex in Sardinia?

    Bottom fishing in deep waters and trolling are the best methods that are currently used to land Dentex. Live baits like sardine, squid or anchovies can be used to lure the Dentex. These fish are quite clever and hence utmost care should be taken to set the lure for these fish. Small hooks with light leaders should be used to prevent the fish from detecting the hooks on the line.

    Fishing Season in Sardinia
    - Excellent- Good- Fair
    • - Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
    • - Mar, Nov
    • - Jan, Feb, Dec
    • - Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
    • - May, Oct
    • - Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Nov, Dec
    • - Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Oct, Nov, Dec
    • - Jan, Feb, Jul, Aug, Sep
    • - Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Oct, Nov, Dec
    • - Jan, Feb, Jul, Aug, Sep
    • - Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Oct, Nov, Dec
    • - Jan, Feb, Jul, Aug, Sep

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