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    Destination Oman, Hasik

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    Map data ©2021
    Map data ©2021

    Hasik is a small village south of Oman, and a 2 to 3hr drive from Salalah. The village is famous for being one of the best fishing destinations in the world. Here you can find all kind of fish all year-round. Though Hasik is considered to be an underdeveloped village, it is currently undergoing some major developments to make it more tourist friendly. If you do go fishing in Hasik, expect to catch the most fish you’ve ever caught in one day, in your life. The  fishfishme team (4 people) caught 60 bluefish in Hasik in less than 3 hrs, weighing in at more than 90Kg!! And we were fishing very close to the shore. But, the best part of course is being able to turn your catch over to one of the local restaurants who will prepare you a tasty meal.


    You need to be prepared to enjoy the local way of fishing. People in Oman generally fish using handlines, which is the custom for most of the Arab Gulf region in general. It is rare to find someone fishing with a rod in Hasik. Also, fishermen prefer to fish at night. A fishing trip in Hasik will usually start 2-3 hours before sunset, and can last until midnight. Another great time to go fishing is early morning, around 5-6AM. The captain is usually flexible with the trip schedule.

    Top 4 fish



    The bluefish (also known as taqwa in the region) is one of the most fun fish to catch. They move in schools, and once a school of bluefish is located you need to be ready for action. This fish will do everything in its power to free itself from your line. It will swim in different directions, jump from the water, or try to cut your line. The average weight of Bluefish in Hasik is about 2-4kg, but it can easily reach more than 8-10kg. Another special things about this fish is that it can be found in  abundance, and tastes great.When to fish for Bluefish in Hasik?The bluefish is available all year around, however the best time to fish for it will be from September to November.

    Where to find Bluefish in Hasik?

    The best place to catch this fish is near the shore, and many people actually fish for it from the shoreline. We found that the best place to catch this fish is a place called Ras Hasik (Head of Hasik), there we caught more than 50 Bluefish in less than 3 hrs!!

    How to fish for Bluefish in Hasik?

    Bluefish swim at depth of about 10-20ft. Most fish in Oman can be found at the bottom of the seafloor, however you’ll rarely catch a bluefish if you let your hook stay near the ground. We used to count to 10, then hold our lines. When you arrive at your spot, grind some fish and throw them around your boat, along with some bait blood and chunks of cut bait. Sardines and squid are both considered good bait for Bluefish.

    Giant Trevally

    Giant Trevally

    Giant Trevally (or GT) is one of the top gamefish in the world. Sport fishermen love catching this fish because its such a fast and powerful creature. Some say it’s the toughest fighter and the most fun to fish for. The GT is available in huge sizes in the south of Oman, some may reach up to 80kg.When to fish for Giant Trevally in Hasik?The best time will be from Mid-September through the end of April.

    Where to find Giant Trevally in Hasik?

    Giant Trevally usually swim near the surface and can usually be found close to shore. A famous location to fish for the GT in Oman is at an island called Al Hallaniyah, closest to Hasik and Shuwaymiah.

    How to fish for Giant Trevally in Hasik?

    Popping and jigging are the most famous techniques to fish for a GT. You can either use a live bait, cut bait, squid or lures.



    The Grouper is one of the tastiest fish ever,  and one would be considered very lucky to catch this fish. The Arabian Grouper (Greasy Grouper) inhabits Oman’s coastlines and reefs, and comes in a variety of types and sizes. Generally it weighs between 20-50kg, with a length of about 30cm to 100cm, but it can grow to weigh more than 100kg. A grouper sallows it’s prey whole rather than chewing it.When to fish for Grouper in Hasik?The Grouper is not a migrate fish, as it lives near the reefs and between rocks it’s entire life. That makes this phenomenal fish available for catch all year long. The best time to fish for Grouper will be between September and April.

    Where to find Grouper in Hasik?

    Grouper inhabit deep coastal reefs, and they live on the bottom of the sea/ocean floor between rocks. With that said, a Grouper can be found in deep waters (more than 400m) and in places with less than 30m of water. 

    How to fish for Grouper in Hasik?

    Bottom fishing is the only way to catch this tasty fish using squid, dead or live bait.



    Jobfish (or Andeq in Omani) is a kind of fish that you will always enjoy fishing for. It has the strength and speed that every angler loves to deal with. Jobfish also tastes good and it’s full of flesh. Its average weight is between 4-8kg and can weigh up to 14kg. When to fish for Jobfish in Hasik?The best time to fish for a jobfish is between September and December., with October being the best month. 

    Where to find Jobfish in Hasik?

    Fishermen usually go after this fish since it can be sold for a good amount of money due to its good taste. Thus, whenever you find a large group of fishing boats close to each other, it’s a good sign that there might be a school of Jobfish in the area. This Jobfish swims in the mid-water between the bottom and the surface. 

    How to fish for Jobfish in Hasik?

    Try to be in the mid distance between the bottom and the surface. You can use a very low tech but effective method to do this, by simply casting and counting until you reach the ground, then throwing again and holding your line when reaching half count.

    Fishing Season in Hasik
    - Excellent- Good- Fair
    • - Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
    Spangled Emperor (Yellow Snapper)
    • - Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Nov, Dec
    • - May, Oct
    • - Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
    How to fish
    Where to find
    Giant Trevally
    • - Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov
    • - Jan, Feb, May, Sep, Dec
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