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    Destination Spain, Delta del Ebro

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    How about a walk through the calm pathways alongside breathtakingly picturesque landscapes? That is what you can experience when you travel down to Ebro Delta in the Northeastern part of Spain. There is a province by the name Catalonia and in this province is located the Ebro Delta.
    The region around the delta has been preserved by the National Park of the Ebro Delta. This is one of the largest wetlands that has a diverse variety of flora and fauna. The tranquil countryside is one of the best places to indulge in activities like bird watching, fishing and simply strolling or biking through the road trails beside impressive water bodies especially the lagoons.


    The climate here is one with high humidity and very few variations as the delta is surrounded by water. During the months spanning from November to April the delta experiences strong bursts of wind from the North West, these winds are not humid but warm. During the rest of the year the delta comes across humid winds that bring rain.The maximum temperature recorded during the summers is 30 degree Celsius and the lowest temperature recorded in winter is 8 degree Celsius. So, the weather in Ebro Delta remains pleasant without any extremes. This is why you can see a great variety of vegetation here.

    Top 4 fish

    Bluefin Tuna

    Bluefin Tuna

    The Bluefin Tuna is one of the most prized fish off the coasts of Ebro Delta. The Bluefin Tuna is one of the largest fish the roam the waters. They can grow to reach lengths of 3.7 m and can weigh over 600 kg. These fish are very strong and anglers pursue them for their aggressive fighting habits.Once a Bluefin gets hooked, they plummet deep into the sea making it difficult to reel them in. Besides diving deep these fish are powerhouses of energy and stamina, they will pull and drag till the very end. Because of their huge sizes and hard fighting natures they are one of the most celebrated sportfish species around the world.

    Where to find Bluefin Tuna in Delta del Ebro?

    If you are planning to drive down to Ebro Delta to land a Bluefin Tuna then the months from June to September is the best period.

    How to fish for Bluefin Tuna in Delta del Ebro?

    Anglers often prefer to fish for the Bluefin by trolling. Live and dead baits are both used tuna fishing. Drifting is another method that is used to land Bluefins that are spotted on the surface.



    The Bluefish is another beautiful fish that you will get to reel out of the waters of Ebro Delta. These fish can be at times misunderstood for an Amberjack for they look similar. But the Bluefish can be distinguished by the by their dorsal fin that has an  interspace between them unlike that of the Amberjack that has none.The Bluefish is a very aggressive fish and they are capable of fighting hard. These fish are seen hacking through schools of baitfish as though they have an insatiable appetite. Experienced fishermen will advise you to be extremely careful when reeling in a Bluefish as these fish tend to inflict injuries. But apart from that the Bluefish is a fun fish to land for big game fishing lovers.

    Where to find Bluefish in Delta del Ebro?

    During the summer and autumn months the Bluefish is found swimming close to the shore. To be more precise, they can be found in waters that has depths ranging from 7 to 9 m.

    How to fish for Bluefish in Delta del Ebro?

    Jigging, casting and chumming are all methods used to land a Bluefish, but the most favored method still remains trolling. All these methods have proven to be successful with both live and dead baits.

    Garrick / Leerfish

    Garrick / Leerfish

    Another predatory fish that is sought after for sport fishing around the Ebro Delta is the Leerfish. These fish are known to grow over 1.5 m at times and they stir up quite a battle when being fished.They are big, they are lively and they are a fun to catch. These silvery hued fish have a scaleless leathery body. These Leerfish have a dart like body that is either dusky brown in color of blue gray. They are caught either from the shore or the rocks.

    Where to find Garrick / Leerfish in Delta del Ebro?

    By the beginning of the month of June the Leerfish star to appear in the waters around the Ebro Delta. You can fish for these fish until the month of October.

    How to fish for Garrick / Leerfish in Delta del Ebro?

    Fly fishing is one of the most common techniques that is used to catch the Leerfish. Angling for them from the rocks and the shore are some of the most popular ways that sportfishing anglers prefer to land one of these fish from Ebro Delta.



    The Greater Amberjack is a highly prized sportfish all over the world and you get to land one of these magnificent fish species from off the coasts of the Ebro Delta. These fish with an olive hued line that runs along its flanks till the snout is the biggest of all the jacks.Sportfishermen all over the word have been mesmerised by these jacks’ lightning fast strikes and strong battles on the line. When hooked, they dive deep into the sea and makes landing them almost impossible. But when you succeed in reeling one to the surface you will be rewarded with more as the other amberjacks schooling with this particular one tend to follow it to the surface.

    Where to find Amberjack in Delta del Ebro?

    The summer months that begins with late April mark the start of the Greater Amberjack season in the Delta. Anglers usually spot them swimming along the wrecks, rocky reefs and debris floating on the water. They usually swim in depths of 18 to 73 m from the surface.

    How to fish for Amberjack in Delta del Ebro?

    Fishermen employ various methods depending on their preferences to land a Greater Amberjack. Some of the common and popular methods include chumming, this is used to lure the amberjacks from the deep waters to the surface; drifting and casting. And of course trolling is by the far the most successful technique that is adopted in Ebro Delta.

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