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    Destination Spain, Murcia

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    Enjoy a day in the sun and engage in big game fishing in one of the most untouched deep sea fishing destinations along the Spaish Mediterranean coast. 
    The eastern coast of Spain is popular for tourist destinations like the Costa Blanca in Alicante. Murcia is a Spanish city that is also situated on the southeastern coast of Spain but is lesser frequented by tourists. The Costa Cálida is a 250 km long coast that spreads through the Murcian coast. With long hours of sunshine and a warm climate, this coast is a haven for those longing to get that natural suntan.
    The waters of the Mediterranean and Menor seas that border this coastline has very clear water. Discovering the various plant and animal species through these glassy waters is an awesome experience. At times you can even see debris of ships that sunk long ago. Apart from these extraordinary visuals you can also indulge in various kinds of water sports. Big Game Fishing is one of the best water activities apart from scuba diving, kayaking, water skiing and wind surfing.
    Moving away from the shore and into the land you can find museums and other monuments of interest. The Cathedral Museum is one of the most prominent museums that shows the diversity of the various cultures that existed in Murcia in ancient times.


    Murica shares the Mediterranean climate that is similar to that of Costa Blanca. The summers are very predictable with slight variations during the winter months. Mild winters and hot summers is characteristic of the typical weather of Murcia.Summers in Murcia is hot with temperatures reaching 31 degree Celsius during the peak of summer in July and August. An advice to everyone travelling to Murcia is that they try and avoid the sun during the period of 12 to 3 pm as the heat and UV rating during this period has been recorded to be high.The winter months from December to January have milder climates with sunny and clear skies and experience very little rainfall. The highest temperature during winters is 16 degree Celsius and the lowest is 5 degree Celsius.

    Top 4 fish

    Bluefin Tuna

    Bluefin Tuna

    The Bluefin Tuna does not need an introduction to anyone acquainted with Sportfishing. They are the largest of the Tuna family and rightly addressed as the raging bulls of the sea. They Bluefin Tuna are a storehouse of power, speed and undying stamina. Anglers all over the planet consider reeling in a Bluefin to be one of the highest feats of Sportfishing.The Bluefins on an average weigh close to 450 kg. When hooked, these water beasts have a tendency to plummet deep into the water thus increasing your efforts in reeling in the fish. Their torpedo shaped body is built for speed and they do justice to this feature by reaching speeds of 64 kph.

    Where to find Bluefin Tuna in Murcia?

    If you too, consider the Bluefin Tuna to be the holy grail of sportfishing then the summer months is the time that you should turn up at Murcia to get a glance of these beautiful creatures and try your luck at landing them. Giant Bluefins weighing over 400 kg are found in the Mediterranean during the summer months of March to September.In Murcia, towards the south of the cape the water reaches depths of 1 km in just 15 km from the shore. This is the best place to fish for Tuna.

    How to fish for Bluefin Tuna in Murcia?

    The most common way a Bluefin is reeled in is by the method of trolling. Drift fishing is the other method that is used as popularly as trolling when fishing for the Bluefins. Artificial lures, live baits and dead baits are all good to land a Tuna. If you are an amateur fisherman or new to the location it is always advised to be accompanied by experienced charter captains.



    Fast, fierce fighters, deep divers, all these adjectives sum up the sportive qualities of the Amberjack and justify why they are one of the most sought after game fish by anglers. The Greater Amberjack is the largest of all the jacks and they strike the baits with lightning speed. Diving fast and deep into the sea when hooked is another interesting characteristic of the Amberjack that increases the challenge in landing them.The Amberjack is also known to grow to reach giant sizes. They can weigh over 70 kg and can exceed 1.5 to 2 m in length. When you land on Amberjack you will increase the chances of landing more such fish as amberjacks tend to follow other amberjacks to the surface.

    Where to find Amberjack in Murcia?

    The fishing season for Amberjacks begin by the month of April and extends till late October.

    How to fish for Amberjack in Murcia?

    Trolling with surface baits is the best technique to land an Amberjack since these fish are found towards the water surface. Live baiting is also a very effective technique that can land Amberjacks.



    A fish that is pursued for its beauty, aerial acrobatic and flesh is the Dorado. It is also known as the Dolphinfish. These fish are vibrantly colored, with green, yellow, golden and blue hues on their body, they are one of the most visually appealing fish in the sea.The Dorado is a very agile fish, they tend to flip themselves out of the water several times and dive right into the sea. These aerial acrobatics have got them a high acclaim in the sportfishing realm. Anglers go after this species only to witness this unique aerial display. The male and female fish are easily distinguished from each other as the males have a raised forehead contrary to the females that have a rounded head.

    Where to find Dorado in Murcia?

    The summer months is the best time to go fishing for Dorado in the Mediterranean off Costa Cálida. The summer months span from March to mid November.

    How to fish for Dorado in Murcia?

    Methods like casting and live baiting  are used to land Dorados when the exact spots are known where these fish can be found for sure. Otherwise, trolling with a light tackle and is the most popularly adopted method to reel in a Dorado.



    The Grouper is considered to be a classic bottom fish. They prefer to stay in the bottom of the sea and feed on prey by ambushing them. They are characterised with a large mouth and snout body. Their soiled and muddy color helps them camouflage with the sea bed when hunting. They are slow movers and can reach great sizes and mammoth weights.The Grouper has an inclination to take refuge in caves and underwater structures when they get hooked. Once they retreat to their safe locations it is impossible to lure them out as they inflate themselves and secure themselves in there. So it is very important to stay alert when fishing for Groupers and ensure to reel them in and keep the line tight as soon as they fish takes the bait.

    Where to find Grouper in Murcia?

    The winter months spanning from November to February is the best time to go bottom fishing for Groupers.

    How to fish for Grouper in Murcia?

    Bottom fishing with natural and artificial lures is the most effective techniques that can be used to land a Grouper.

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