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    Destination Thailand, Phuket

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    When you think of Phuket you can’t help but picture a paradise. White sandy beaches, sun, diving, and maybe even the vibrant nightlife. And ping-pong. But! Phuket is also one of the most extraordinary places you’ll ever go fishing in your life!  At about the same size as Singapore, Phuket is one of Thailand’s most dynamic tourist destinations, and a very popular one at that. If you’re torn between a great fishing trip or a nice beach holiday, look no further… Phuket can offer you both, and more!


    Racha IslandsThere are two main islands in this area: Ko Racha Yai (the larger of the two), which is 14 miles from Chalong Bay, and Ko Racha Noi (the smaller one), which is 23 miles from Chalong Bay. Between Racha Yai and Chalong Bay, you can find great action for Sailfish that often show in the afternoon, letting anglers warm up in the morning fishing for Wahoo and Dorado.The Drop Off25 miles west of Phuket, there is a steep change in water depth from 40 meters to approximately 300 meters, and reaching 1000 meters after 40 miles. This is no doubt the best fishing spot for Black Marlin. Wahoo and Dorado can also be found here in abundance. The fishing technique used in this area is trolling with large lures and live bait.

    Top 4 fish



    We always say that the Yellowfin will make you work (and this is true), but the mighty Sailfish is not to be outdone! Sailfish are abundant in huge numbers in Phuket and are a big draw for any big game fisherman. To catch one you’ll need a skilled boat captain and plenty of will. Sailfish bite hard and will often breach the water when snapping up your bait, and are experts at shaking free of your line.When to fish for Sailfish in Phuket?The best time to fish for Sailfish is pretty much all year-round in Phuket, except for April and May, as well as September and October when the fishing for these guys is only slightly relented. Fun fact: Phuket is often referred to as the “Sailfish capital of Asia”.

    Where to find Sailfish in Phuket?

    In Phuket, one of the best places to head to in search of Sailfish is Racha Islands, but you can catch them at any of the other three big spots: on Surin and Similan Islands as well as the famous “Drop Off” which is where the continental shelf drops off about 25 nautical miles from Phuket.

    How to fish for Sailfish in Phuket?

    Trolling ballyhoo or other bait fish behind the boat is a good way to catch these guys. You’ll also want to try to set the hook HARD when they hit the bait as they have very thick bills that usually need some extra work to penetrate.



    Well well well…. we meet again. What can we say, this fish is popular in almost all places where you can find big game fishing, and has been included in almost all of our other “top 4” lists by destination. That being said, it never disappoints! Still one of the strongest fighters, it’s fast, strong and a lot of fun to catch, but will make you work. Seriously, it will. I recommend 50 push-ups per day beginning at least 2 weeks before your trip departure. Seriously. The se bad boys can grow to a length of more than 2m and weigh more than 200kg, with an average catch weighing-in at around 30-40kg. Yikes!When to fish for Yellowfin Tuna in Phuket?The best time to fish for Yellowfin in Phuket is between the months of January and March, inclusive, and from October to December, inclusive.

    Where to find Yellowfin in Phuket?

    There are a few good spots in Phuket to fish for Yellowfin, and all of them are a short boat ride from shore. Generally you’ll want to fish for these guys in in one of four famous spots being the Racha, Surin, and Similan Islands, and the “Drop Off”. Don’t expect this to be the only fish you can catch here though. This is just one of many that you can hook in any one of these famous spots.

    How to fish for Yellowfin in Phuket?

    The best way to fish for a tuna is to use live-bait (free-swimming fish) - usually a sardine. Also, trolling is a very common way to catch a tuna using squid-like lures



    When it comes to big game fishing, the Marlin has to be THE MOST popular fish in Phuket. It’s big, powerful, and extremely fun to catch. These guys are sometimes considered to be the pinnacle of fishing because of the fight they put on. The female species of this fish is bigger than that of the male, and to give you an idea, a female Marlin can weigh up to and exceeding 1000lbs! Big Mamma!When to fish for Marlin in Phuket?The fishing is generally good all year-round, but especially good between October and March when the numbers peak. The only time of the year where the numbers are known to be quite weak are from May to July, inclusive.

    Where to find Marlin in Phuket?

    Trolling the Surin Islands during the late afternoon is a good time to be fishing for Marlin. Another popular spot to catch these guys is at the “Drop-Off”.

    How to fish for Marlin in Phuket?

    Marlin are best caught by using artificial lures trolled through the water, and respond well to the light splashing and bubble action as they are dragged through the water. Typical Marlin lures range from about 7-14inches in size for small to large sizes, and while the traditional straight line bubble trail technique is popular, an experienced angler can fine tune their artificial lures to alter the tracking pattern.



    The Dorado (also known as Mahi Mahi or Dolphin fish) is a beautiful fish famous for its bright gold, green and yellow colors. Sport fishermen love catching this creature because it’s fast, acrobatic, beautiful and tastes magnificent. The average weight of a Dorado falls within the range of 7kg to 13kg.When to fish for Dorado in Phuket ?Mahi Mahi can be found year-round with greater presence in June, July, August and September.

    Where to find Dorado in Phuket?

    Dorados swim near the surface close to floating objects such as large buoys or floating wood.

    How to fish for Dorado in Phuket?

    Trolling is a very common way to catch a Dorado. You can use dead, live or artificial bait. Another way to hunt this fish is by trying to pinpoint a school of Dorado, once spotted you can keep them around the boat by throwing some chums and cut bait, and be sure to keep a live fish hooked at all times. You can also catch the Dorado using fly fishing techniques.

    Fishing Season in Phuket
    - Excellent- Good- Fair
    • - Jun, Jul, Aug
    • - Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
    Giant Trevally
    • - Jun, Jul
    • - Apr, May, Aug, Sep
    • - Jan, Feb, Mar, Oct, Nov, Dec
    • - May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
    • - Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov, Dec
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