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    Destination United Arab Emirates, Al Fujairah

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    Fujairah is the seventh emirate lined by the Gulf of Oman on its coast and with scenic mountains that extend into the sea. This ocean port that is on the North West end of the Indian Ocean has more fierce waters than that of the Arabian Gulf. These beautiful waters that are untouched fishing grounds are complemented with fish like the Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Sailfish, Marlin and many more. If you are a fishing fanatic, and want to plunder the rare beauties of the Fujairah waters then we will do all that is needed to relish your fishing experience in Fujairah.


    This beautiful emirate is the fifth largest of the seven emirates and it boasts to get the highest average rainfall of UAE. With a warm seasonal weather all through the year the months of October to March are considered cooler than the rest. Fishing in Fujairah can be done all year through unlike Dubai. However, summer night-fishing will prove more viable in case of fish like the Yellowfin Tuna.

    Top 4 fish



    These hard fighting, spectacularly coloured and delicious fish are one of the most popular gamefish around the world. Their aggressive strikes and long runs make them a favourite sport fish. Also known as the Mahi-Mahi, these fish can grow up to a weight of 40 kg and are found in tropical, subtropical and temperate waters at depths ranging from 37 to 85 meters.When to fish for Dorado in Fujairah?In Fujairah, you will find the Dorado almost throughout the year however, they are found in abundance through May to September.

    Where to find Dorado in Al Fujairah?

    These dazzlingly coloured Dorados are found in the open sea from 37 meters of depth. Mahi-mahi as they are commonly named are known to assemble around floating debris, seaweed lines and buoys.

    How to fish for Dorado in Al Fujairah?

    Trolling is the best way to catch a Dorado however, once a school of Dorado are spotted, fly-casting using bait and switch technique can also be fruitful. Live bait, dead bait, artificial lures, jigs and spoons can also be used to catch the Dorado.



    Also known as the billfish due to the elongated bill, these bluish gray coloured fish are characterised by a sail like erectile dorsal fin. They can grow to a whopping 3 m that can weigh up to 90 kg and even more at times. These agile sailfish are found in the warmer tropical waters; their swiftness and incredible jumps will get your adrenaline pumping.When is the Sailfish season in Fujairah?Sailfish can be spotted all year round in the Fujairah waters.

    Where to find Sailfish in Al Fujairah?

    The sailfish prefer to settle by the warmer surface waters nonetheless they hover close to the coral reefs and freshwater runoffs.

    How to fish for Sailfish in Al Fujairah?

    Trolling with artificial lures and dead and live trolling baits can be used to catch a sailfish.



    The Amberjack is a deep water fish that sometimes surface but are most commonly found over the reef and near the bottom of the ocean. Found in the warmer tropical and temperate waters these olive coloured jacks have an amber tinted strip running horizontally on their bodies.When to fish for Amberjack in Fujairah?Like the Sailfish, Amberjacks are also fished all through the year in Fujairah.

    Where to find Amberjack in Al Fujairah?

    In open waters the Amberjacks are found lurking near the surface but otherwise they are seen near offshore buoys, wrecks and reefs.

    How to fish for Amberjack in Al Fujairah?

    Trolling is found to be the best way to get a hold of an Amberjack. Lures, live baiting, jig or strip baits, plugs and spoons can also be very useful in catching these deep sea divers.



    Yellowfin Tuna that is found in the temperate tropical and subtropical waters can grow up to a monstrous 180 kg. This makes them all the more favourite as a sport fish as they are strong and they pull hard. These fish have a glistening dark metallic blue colour all over their body that changes to a silver colour and they get their name from the brightly yellow colour dorsal and anal fins.When can Yellowfin Tuna be found in Fujairah ?Fish are abundant in Fujairah. The Yellowfin Tuna can be sighted during any month of the year. But if you are looking for a Dorado frenzy then you will have to fish during the months of May to September where the months of July and August are considered the best for Dorado fishing.

    Where to find Yellowfin in Al Fujairah?

    The Yellowfin Tuna are found at a range of 100 meters of ocean that constitute the mixed surface layer.

    How to fish for Yellowfin in Al Fujairah?

    Baits and lures are the best techniques to land a Yellowfin Tuna. The topwater techniques are quite useful as these Tuna often feed at the surface. Cedar plugs, plastic skirted trolling lures and tuna feathers can be used while trolling for tunas. Anchovies and sardines work well as live baits in the absence of which chumming can also be undertaken.

    Fishing Season in Al Fujairah
    - Excellent- Good- Fair
    Blue Marlin
    • - Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
    • - Mar, Apr, May, Oct, Nov
    • - Jan, Feb, Dec
    Black Marlin
    • - Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
    • - Mar, Apr, May, Oct, Nov
    • - Jan, Feb, Dec
    Striped Marlin
    • - Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
    • - Mar, Apr, May, Oct, Nov
    • - Jan, Feb, Dec
    • - Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
    • - May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
    • - Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov
    • - Dec

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