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    Destination United States, Venice

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    Venice, popularly known as “The end of the world” is one of the southernmost town of Louisiana. With the Mississippi river converging with the Gulf of Mexico, Venice turns into one of the finest spots for sport fishing, both onshore and offshore.
    If you are looking for a relaxing fishing experience to bring in some fish for home or looking for a more adventurous fishing trip to land a record setting trophy fish, then Venice is the place to be when in Louisiana. Be it redfish, tarpon, sailfish or tuna you will find them all lurking in the waters of Venice.


    Weather patterns in Boothville - Venice vary based on time of year. From late December through February cold fronts will drop temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit but after a few days, temperatures will rise back to the 60’s Fahrenheit until the next cold front comes.March brings pleasant warm weather that lasts till the end of May. June begins the hot summer months that last through August. During this time, it is common for temperatures to rise to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Afternoon thunderstorms are common during this period.September brings the first signs of relief from the heat. From the end of September, temperatures typically remain mild in the 70s and 60s Fahrenheit through October and November with a few cold fronts dropping temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Top 4 fish



    If you could somehow bottle and sell the thrill of hooking and landing a big yellowfin tuna, you’d be a millionaire. It’s the desire for that adrenaline rush that brings anglers from all over the world to Louisiana to chase yellowfin in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.The yellowfin is a raging bull in the water and will never give up a fight. It is not uncommon to catch several 80-100 pound yellowfin on a single trip with one of our charter captains. You better bring a few coolers or be prepared to ship some meat home because the yellowfin tuna is a fine tasting fish raw or cooked. You will truly have the experience of a lifetime on your yellowfin fishing trip in Louisiana.

    Where to find Yellowfin in Venice?

    Yellowfin are an offshore species and typically can be found once you reach the Mississippi Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico. One of the best places to find a captain for Yellowfin Tuna is Venice.Yellowfin fishing is good year round in Louisiana, but the best months are considered February and March as well as August through October.

    How to fish for Yellowfin in Venice?

    Most of our charter captains will tell you the two best ways to catch yellowfin tuna are the chumming and live bait methods. Chumming consists of cutting up dead bait and throwing the chunks into the water. The captain will hook one of the chunks to your line and drop it into the water with the rest of the bait.Live bait method consists of hooking live fish and pulling them behind the boat to attract schools of hungry tuna. Our charter captains are some of the best in the world at performing these methods and they can take care of all the work while you enjoy the fishing.



    You’ll be waiting anxiously for the captain to yell “Fish on!” when you come wahoo fishing in Louisiana. Wahoo are bullets in the water and with their sleek design, they can reach up to 60 mph. They not afraid to hit a bait going full speed stripping the drag from the captain’s reel. When they do this, you better grab the rod like you mean it because the fight will be on.The wahoo’s white meat is a crowd pleaser at any barbecue or cookout so be ready to bring home plenty for you and your friends and family when you book one of our charter captains on a wahoo fishing trip.

    Where to find Wahoo in Venice?

    The best wahoo fishing can be found in 200-400 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico. The best times of year for wahoo fishing is January through the end of March. Our captains know when and where to catch wahoo, so give them a call and see if you can get setup for a trip.

    How to fish for Wahoo in Venice?

    Our captains like to catch wahoo while trolling artificial diving baits behind their boats. Up to 4 baits are dropped down to various depths and the boat is used to pull them at a steady speed. The captain and his deckhand keep a keen eye on the rods and when a wahoo finally smacks a bait, the game begins. It is not uncommon to hook up with multiple wahoo and our captains can help talk you through the mayhem.



    If you came down to Louisiana and just caught cobia all day long, there’d never be a shortage of fun. They are powerful and put on a cool show as they jump and splash their way through a fantastic fight. They may look kind of like a big catfish but don’t let that fool you- they won’t come to a landing net easily. Cobia are also a fine fish to eat and our charter captains can recommend more than a few ways to prepare them.

    Where to find Cobia in Venice?

    Cobia are a structure oriented fish. They can be found around oil and gas rigs as well as on reefs in the Gulf of Mexico. Typically they can be found close to shore without having to travel too far.Cobia can be caught year round but the best months to fish for them are August, September and October.

    How to fish for Cobia in Venice?

    Cobia are caught near reefs or structure by jigging plastic curly tail lures or by dropping live bait to the bottom. Our charter captains know exactly how to target cobia and can help get you set up on a trip.

    Blackfin Tuna

    Blackfin Tuna

    A smaller compact version of the Yellowfin Tuna can be found in the Blackfin. They are a schooling predator fish and will not hesitate to hammer a live bait or piece of chum. They put up an incredible fight and can be an awesome addition to your offshore fishing trip.

    Where to find Blackfin Tuna in Venice?

    The technique for catching blackfin is the same as yellowfin.

    How to fish for Blackfin Tuna in Venice?

    Blackfin can be found in the same areas as yellowfin tuna.

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