Sardinia 4 boats

Fishing Guide in Sardinia

Walk through the white sandy beaches where lush green mountains meet the calm turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian sea. Or get on a boat and go fishing for some exotic game fish.

Sardinia is a beautiful Italian island situated in the Mediterranean Sea. Blessed with a long coastline of over 1800 km and adorned by white beaches bordered by turquoise hued waters all around, Sardinia is definitely a place where you can retreat to when the busy life of the mainland gets to you.


The fact that Sardinia has such an extensive coastline is one of the foremost reasons that fishing enthusiasts from all over the world come looking for this destination to engage in Big Game fishing.


In Sardinia one can find something for everyone. The Costa Smeralda on the norther n end of Sardinia provides all the glitter and pomp of high life, whereas towards the south unspoilt and empty beaches can be found. From refreshing waterfalls and lakes to magnificent mountain ranges that give way to stunning visuals of the island can all be seen in Sardinia.


When in Sardinia, relish in the local wines and exotic Sardinian cuisine. Indulge in relaxing activities like horse riding, different kinds of water sports and games of golf and tennis.