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Fishing Guide in Hasik

Hasik is a small village south of Oman, and a 2 to 3hr drive from Salalah. The village is famous for being one of the best fishing destinations in the world. Here you can find all kind of fish all year-round. Though Hasik is considered to be an underdeveloped village, it is currently undergoing some major developments to make it more tourist friendly. If you do go fishing in Hasik, expect to catch the most fish you’ve ever caught in one day, in your life. The  fishfishme team (4 people) caught 60 bluefish in Hasik in less than 3 hrs, weighing in at more than 90Kg!! And we were fishing very close to the shore. But, the best part of course is being able to turn your catch over to one of the local restaurants who will prepare you a tasty meal.