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Fishing Guide in Murcia

Enjoy a day in the sun and engage in big game fishing in one of the most untouched deep sea fishing destinations along the Spaish Mediterranean coast. 

The eastern coast of Spain is popular for tourist destinations like the Costa Blanca in Alicante. Murcia is a Spanish city that is also situated on the southeastern coast of Spain but is lesser frequented by tourists. The Costa Cálida is a 250 km long coast that spreads through the Murcian coast. With long hours of sunshine and a warm climate, this coast is a haven for those longing to get that natural suntan.


The waters of the Mediterranean and Menor seas that border this coastline has very clear water. Discovering the various plant and animal species through these glassy waters is an awesome experience. At times you can even see debris of ships that sunk long ago. Apart from these extraordinary visuals you can also indulge in various kinds of water sports. Big Game Fishing is one of the best water activities apart from scuba diving, kayaking, water skiing and wind surfing.

Moving away from the shore and into the land you can find museums and other monuments of interest. The Cathedral Museum is one of the most prominent museums that shows the diversity of the various cultures that existed in Murcia in ancient times.