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Barcelona fishing guide

Here you will find tips, the best fishing spots and top fish in Barcelona. If you are looking for a fishing charter or skipper to go fishing, please visit our list of fishing charters in Barcelona or search a fishing trip using the box below:

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Barcelona is probably one of the most popular cities of Spain. A lot of this popularity has been bestowed by their famous football team, a grand cultural heritage, pioneering architecture and various tourist destinations. This second largest city of Spain is located such that it faces the Mediterranean Sea and this facet makes sportfishing possible and popular in this part of the world.

Since Barcelona has been under the Roman rule, the city abounds in rich history. Another interesting fact of Barcelona is that it has a great amount of restaurants, shops, outdoor markets, churches and museums like most of the other European cities. The infrastructure in Barcelona reminds us that this city has kept it past alive even when embracing the future. The beaches that exist in Barcelona are known to provide generous exposure to the sun all through the year along with pleasantly warm weather.

From cable cars to mountain ranges, from ancient Roman temples to World Heritage Sites like the Basilica La Sagrada Familia, from museums to beaches you can indulge in a variety of unique places.

Weather in Barcelona:

Barcelona basks in Mediterranean Climate with humid winters and dry summers. The mild climate of Barcelona is characterised by the hottest summer days in July and August reaching maximum temperatures of 27 degree Celsius and the coldest days during the winter months spanning from December to February do not see temperatures below 4 degree Celsius frequently. The months of September and October are considered the wettest months as they receive around 3 to 4 inches of rain on an average.

Fishing in Barcelona:

Since Barcelona experiences a Mediterranean climate, fishing is possible here all through the year. Particularly along the north coast of Barcelona big game fishing is popular and fruitful. Though all through the year fishing is great, the best season to go big game fishing in Barcelona would be from the months of March to October. The species of Big game fish that you will be able to land from these water include Bigeye tuna, Dorado, Mackerel, Red Snapper, Dentex and the like.

If you are planning to get away from you daily routine and spend time in one of the world’s architecturally and culturally rich city and at the same time have some unrelenting fishing fun, then Barcelona is the place to be in.

To go deep sea fishing the best thing to do is hire a charter boat with experienced crew who will guide you to the best spots where you will be able to find your dream fish. Some of the most common and popular marinas in and around Barcelona are Moll de Mestral and Arenys de Mar. Moll de Mestral is located in Port Olimpic about 3 km from Barcelona and Arenys de Mar is slightly towards the north east of Barcelona and it might take some 35 minutes to get there. Deep sea fishing from these ports are very fruitful as they are in prime locations and they have some of the best charter boats operating there.

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Top 4 fish

Big eye tuna Big eye tuna fishing  in Barcelona

The Bigeye Tuna is one of the most sought after fish in the Barcelonian waters. These fish are distinguished from the other tuna species by their dark metallic blue color on their backs and a white hue on their belly. The Bigeye tuna have bigger heads and eyes than the rest of the tunas and hence have gained their name. When it comes to size, the Bigeye Tuna can grow larger than a Yellowfin tuna however, they are smaller than the mighty Bluefins. The Bigeye tuna are fast swimming fish and are capable of strong and long fights on the line. This is one of the reasons why they are so sought after as a game fish. The Bigeye Tuna can grow large enough to weigh around 180 kg.

The Bigeye tuna tend to stay in deeper waters than the other species of tuna but they often surface to feed. Hooking up to a Bigeye Tuna is as exciting as hooking up with any of the other tuna species as these fish are known for their undying stamina and power.

When and where to fish for Bigeye tuna in Barcelona:

The tuna season in Barcelona is marked by the month of April when these migratory fish move to the Mediterranean Sea by passing the Strait of Gibraltar. As the summer progresses the bigger fish begin to bite proving the summer months being the best season for Tuna fishing in Barcelona.

How to fish for a Bigeye Tuna in Barcelona:

The method to reel in a Bigeye tuna is trolling no matter where you are fishing. These are fast moving fish and they bite on baits like mullets, squids, artificial lures and other small fish.

Dorado Dorado fishing  in Barcelona

The Dorado or the Dolphinfish as they are popularly known are one of the most beautiful fish found in the seas. These vibrant fish are one of the perfect big game fish owing to their extremely agile nature. The Dorado are known to exhibit intense aerial acrobatics when they are fished. These brilliantly colored fish with their vibrant green, yellow and blue colored bodies throw themselves out of the water multiple times and plummet into the water when they sense the hook on them. Some of these fish also display an action called tailwalking and they are not shy to fight. These Dorados will fight their might out before you are able to land them. These are the qualities that have led them to attain one of the top positions in the sport fishing anglers’ fishing list.

A fully grown male Dorado is distinguished by a raised forehead and the female will have a rather rounded forehead. A mature Dorado can weigh anywhere 7 to 40 kg.

When and where to catch a Dorado in Barcelona:

Though you can fish for Dorado all through the year in Barcelona, the fishing season for these beautiful fish begin from March and extends till October and during this span the months of July and August are known to be the most successful.

How to catch a Dorado in Barcelona:

Like in most other parts of the world, in Barcelona too the most used technique to hook a Dorado is trolling with surface baits and live baits. Some of the favorite baits that Dorado bite into are squid, mullet, strip baits and even artificial lures.

Bluefish Bluefish fishing  in Barcelona Bluefish fishing  in Barcelona

The Bluefish is the next popular fish in Barcelona. These fish resemble the Greater Amberjack and are distinguished from them by their dorsal fin that has no interspace between them. Moreover, these fish have a greyish blue green color on their back which eventually fades into a white hue towards the belly. These Bluefish are considered voracious as they are often seen swimming through large schools of bait fish. They hack through these schools and destroy anything on their way mercilessly. This is one of the reasons why some anglers refer to them as the ‘marine piranha’.

The Bluefish are great fighters, they are very aggressive on the line and can pull strong. When reeling them in you should be careful as these fish are known to have caused injuries to careless anglers. Their ferocious ways have led to injuries to some unfortunate swimmers as well.

When and where to fish for Bluefish in Barcelona:

Bluefish are usually found close to the shore along the Barcelonian coastline. These fish tend to lurk around the waters of depths ranging from 7 to 9 m. Summer and autumn months are the best time to go fishing for Bluefish in Barcelona.

How to fish for Bluefish in Barcelona:

The most favorite method to reel in a Bluefish is definitely trolling however, casting, chumming and jigging techniques are also used to catch a Bluefish. Both live baits and dead baits have proven to give good results when fishing for the Barcelonian Bluefish.

Little Tunny Little Tunny fishing  in Barcelona

These fish are often confused with the Atlantic Bonito and some species of Mackerel. These are the smallest member of the Tuna family and are quite like the big brothers in terms of power and fighting abilities. These Little Tunnies can grow to sizes ranging from 60 to over 100 cm in length from snout to tail. The largest Tunny ever recorded was 120 cm long and weighed close to 17 kg.

When and where to fish for Little Tunny in Barcelona:

The Little Tunny can be caught all through the year here. They do not have a close season or fishing regulations imposed on them.

How to catch a Little Tunny in Barcelona:

Trolling and casting are the most common methods used in reeling in Little Tunnies. Strip baits, feathers and jigs can be used to lure the Tunny on to the line.

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Fish and Fishing Seasons in Barcelona

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